The Blue Envelope

Parties are not always associated with introvert people but Ron is somewhat different.  Although he finds himself tongue tied amidst strangers, deep inside he is a highly extrovert person. In the world within his mind things are different. Whenever he runs into someone in his thoughts, he controls the imaginary conversation that ensues. He chooses the dialogues for both and usually the other person appreciates his ideas so much that his ego soars like a hot air balloon.
When it comes to the real world he is not too confident that he will get similar response. That fear has made him keep to himself and sometimes fumble with words in front of others.
His wife Ana is quite a different character. She could befriend a stranger within moments and adjectives like vibrant, bubbly, vivacious, ebullient, lively etc wouldn’t do enough justice to describe her personality.
They met in a conference many years back where was presenting her research on “the contribution of introverts to the field of creativity”. She spotted the handsome young Ron shying away from all the networking that was going on.  Ana was moving among the crowd during with all her grace and elegance. While she had most of the people vying for her company, she felt a natural attraction towards him.  
It took her only a while to get the quiet Ron talking and before they could realize they began to see one another. At the start of their relationship Ron thought she was just another time burglar and he would be better off in his own world, he eventually fell for her.
“I deal with introverts for a living. So when I see one I know one” she once told during a candid discussion in a party. The weekend parties were then a weekly ritual and hosting it at their house once in a while was a celebration. Ron was nervous at the beginning but Ana’s managerial skills brought in the planning, organizing and calmness to the whole affair. Those were very intimate and cozy affair and soon Ron started to enjoy those immensely. Good food, good wine with intense discussions at night and wake up late in the morning after Ana’s repeated nudging.
Today Ron was again woken by Ana’s voice. “How long are you going to be on the bed? It's time to start your day with jogging.”
“You know that I do not jog anymore”, he pleaded and turned around.
He finally woke up realizing he has been dreaming of Ana again. He remembered the date and staggered towards the closet on the other end of the bedroom. He felt somewhat excited that the date was finally here. He advanced like that kid rushing for the present on the Christmas day. But this time there was no Santa or happiness. He picked up the blue envelope from the drawer. His name written on the top in Ana's calligraphy.
He had discovered the envelope a few months earlier by sheer coincidence and was about to tear it open when he noticed Ana’s instructions on the reverse.
“If you love me, please wait till the morning of 14th February.”
He put it back saying “damn!”
Today he picked up the cover and headed for the living room couch. He read it a few times and began framing a response.

“Dear Anasua,
Since you are I gone, I find it very difficult to find things around the house. The other day as I was preparing some curries in the kitchen, I could feel your presence behind me. Were you actually there? Another day as I was about to pour my third drink, I could hear your irate voice scolding me and I Went for  my dinner instead. No one plays the music in the evenings anymore and many a times when I sit in this couch and try to read my book, I could feel your hand teasing me just like those days. When I light up the candle and the incense stick in the evening, I could barely see your face smiling from behind the frame. Don’t think my vision is blurred because my eyes are old. It’s because they turn watery whenever I think of your arms around me.
Stay happy sweetheart and wait for me there. Say my hello to God and remember to convey my thanks for all that HE has given us.
Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!
Yours Ronbir”

He started slowly towards the neighborhood forest for his ritualistic morning walk supporting on his companion... the walking stick.
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  1. Moving story. Well expressed.
    Loved ones are always with us even after they have gone...

    1. Nice story. An introvert meeting an extrovert. They fall in love and live happily as long as they can.

    2. Many thanks Doctor and Mr Ray for stopping by and sharing your thoughts


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