Surya Namaskar - An Holistic Approach

It was a great experience to stand in front of this installation named “Surya Namaskara” at “Terminal 3 Indira Gandhi International Airport”, New Delhi, India. 
The human figures have been created by Sculptor/Artist by the name of Nikhil Bhandari and was installed in 2011. These are 12 individual human figures which have been sculpted to represent 12 yoga poses which collectively depict the Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation. The spiral base of the installation provides the most apt transition to the reach the climax. 
Each pose is the culmination of an asanas and when done early in the morning along with the recitation of the correct chant gives a perfect workout for the entire body.
The airport might not be the place to practice these asanas but without any doubt an appropriate place for showcasing our ancient tradition and instill a thirst to know more about it. Let’s start our day with humility saluting the mighty power that makes our entire world revolve around it.
Simply put,…

Forgive but Please Forget

Our time is limited and is not worth wasting it living a life filled with hate for others, is something that I remind myself once in a while. The above principle, if one wishes, could be the pathfinder for living a life free from hatred.
Is it easy? Most certainly not!

Interestingly! Once we acknowledge the truth in the saying “to err is human”, we will be in a much better position while navigating through the maze of daily challenges. It’s never too late to start owning up one’s mistake and seek forgiveness knowing that this is not a characteristic of a weak person and on the contrary it’s the trait of a Brave-heart. Maybe apologizing will be a good start. The difficulty however arises when we are confronted with a situation where others hurt us or try to harm us. Surprisingly, the answer to this is quite simple. Forgive and Forget. Is it easy? Most certainly not, but I do believe that practice makes a person perfect over a time.
Yes! It’s important to forget in order to keep our nast…

The Blue Envelope

Parties are not always associated with introvert people but Ron is somewhat different.  Although he finds himself tongue tied amidst strangers, deep inside he is a highly extrovert person. In the world within his mind things are different. Whenever he runs into someone in his thoughts, he controls the imaginary conversation that ensues. He chooses the dialogues for both and usually the other person appreciates his ideas so much that his ego soars like a hot air balloon. When it comes to the real world he is not too confident that he will get similar response. That fear has made him keep to himself and sometimes fumble with words in front of others. His wife Ana is quite a different character. She could befriend a stranger within moments and adjectives like vibrant, bubbly, vivacious, ebullient, lively etc wouldn’t do enough justice to describe her personality. They met in a conference many years back where was presenting her research on “the contribution of introverts to the field of cre…

Water For Our Birds

Designers and developers are often criticized for using water features in developments in our urban areas. But during hot summer days in cities like Delhi, these adds to the few remaining water bodies  for our avian species. 
Note: These are my photographs and you are free to use them if you need them.

30 Ways to Be Happy

Happiness in its absolute term is achieved when the needs of life is fulfilled. It is the feeling of contentment that life is ‘just’ as it should be. The trouble though is with the definition of this term ‘JUST’. Unfortunately by no means it has a constant meaning. It not only varies between people, it also changes for any individual depending on the circumstances at any given time.

What makes life just for me could be ‘not enough’ for you or the vice versa leading to the conclusion that happiness is a state of mind and also a personal choice.

Trying to put together this list of things that make me smile made me realize that I have many joyous moments in my daily life. I am therefore, a much happier person today than I thought I was.

Following is the list in no particular order:
1.A hug from my child.
2.When I could bring a smile to a person I love, it makes me happy inside out.
3.Doing something for others.
4.Driving for ice creams with daughter after dinner. 
5.The thrill of personal achiev…

How Many Words Is a Video Worth!

Video blogging or Vlogging is a new trend and quite rightly everyone is joining the band wagon. I am in no mood to delve into argument if video will one day force written journalism to extinction. Today, I would rather contemplate how much worth would a video be if a picture is worth a thousand words. I would imagine it would be a few millions at the least! A picture leaves a lot for the viewer to analyze and infer but a personal video usually drives the message straight home. For a fashion blogger, a Vlog would also demonstrate how one could carry the designed dress. That's quite a few steps ahead of just a pretty photograph. I am neither a popular blogger nor do I have a successful Vlog. But that doesn’t deter me from contributing my 2 cents about excelling in Video blogging. So this is top list of important (in no particular order) to do aspects for good video blog:
1. Contents - preferably should be scripted and practiced well in advance before delivering. Unless it's an impro…

Siri, Cortana, you and the machine next door

Are you one of those who gets psyched by the dominance of Artificial Intelligence in our lives and scared that they will very soon take over the world? Well this is entirely possible and in this post I am going to show you how it could happen. But ever wondered the voice behind Siri and Cortana are of real persons of flesh and blood? I will introduce them to you towards the end of this article. If you are women, then you more susceptible to voice theft. It has been scientifically proven that people are more likely to take instruction from a female voice and it might start from birth.
We have been obeying machines voice instructions through answering machines, telephones, banking systems, ATM machines etc. It has been one way communications as we were always in the “listening end”. But then came Siri along and usehered in yet another Apple initiated makeover to our world. At the beginning, both Google and Microsoft ridiculed Apple’s idea of voice assistant but both companies quickly d…