Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Baby Names in India & Current Trends - A Guest Post

Parents are particular about selecting a perfect name for their new born but often caught in between keeping it unique or to follow the latest trends. However, the trends of Hindu baby names in India are continuously changing with time. For finding the best name, it is important for parents also to check if it is meaningful and easy to pronounce. Before picking a name, always keep in mind that you will be calling your kid with that name for the entire life.
Lets see what are the recent trends of Baby Names in India

Sanskrit Names

According to the Hindu beliefs, a name builds the personality of a person.  Sanskrit names are unique and have strong meanings and mainly inspired by Hindu Goddess. Hence, people are keen to get a Sanskrit name instead of selecting the usual Hindi names. 
Here are some examples of Sanskrit names-

·         Adhrit
·         Nirav
·         Adya
·         Shivansh
·         Yuvan

       Greek Gods and Goddess Names

Greek Goddess names are new in India though it’s trending and hence, parents find them suitable for baby girls. So, if you want to select a Greek goddess name then research well. 
Here are some Greek Goddess names-

·         Zoe
·         Athena
·         Hestia
·         Gaea

3       Arabic Names

Arabic names are also quite popular across India, Names which are meaningful in Sanskrit as well as Arabic are very popular. 
Here are a few unique Arabic names-

·         Abir
·         Adira
·         Rehaan
·         Areta
·         Dabir

       Celebrity Names

Last but not the least; highly opted names are celebrity names. People think it is cool to have a name after a celebrity as they are popular. Recently, it is becoming a trend in India to choose a celebrity name for newborn babies. 
Here are some examples-

·         Aarav- Name of Akshay and Twinkle's son
·         Aryan & Abram- Sons of Shahrukh Khan
·         Jahnavi & Khushi- Daughter’s Sridevi
·         Aaradhya- Daughter of Aishwarya Rai

There are many more ways by which you can pick a name for your little one. Like, Indians also follow the Hindi Vedic astrology to find a baby name. Naming baby following the Rashi and Nakshtra is tradition. Most of Hindu families select 2 names for the newborns. (One name is according to Rashi and another is of their choice which is the real name of the baby.)

Conclusion-The trends of baby names in India is continuously changing from Hindu Vedic astrology to Greek Goddess and Princesses names.

Author: Sapana is a parenting blogger and WAHM of 2 kids. She likes to write about motherhood and baby care. Visit her blog:

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Kleptoparasite

This week I got introduced to a new phrase. That is kleptoparasite. This was part of a scientific article that reported the discovery of a previously unknown species of beetle in the Costa Rican jungle. These are tiny creatures that hitchhiked the fighter ants while travelling frequently as part of moving their homes.
They are stowaways who hide themselves in the bottom of those ants so well that their body textures and odor mimics that of those ants. So much so, that the ants are unable to detect the intruders even while touching with their feelers.
There is a certain advantage when one travels with a large group of army ants. But protection or free rides are not the only objectives for these tiny parasites. These creatures also steal from the food stores of the ants.
While there are others small creatures that has similar stealing habits, I find these beetles particularly shameless. They exploit the ants to the maximum.
Ironically, there are so many human beings spread all modus operandi. They come in different shapes, sizes, color or creed but ride on the support and kindness of ordinary people. In return they steal from us to amass their own wealth. But unlike those ants they are extra greedy and do not hesitate to harm their benefactor.
over our societies, who uses the same
Any similarities with people living and dead involved in the field of businesses or politics is not coincidental.

I rest my case here. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Is there a good word

How responsible are we with our words when we report about those mindless massacres by various terrorist organizations.
A few days back there was a devastating blast in a shrine in Sehwan claiming many innocent lives. I read a report the following day on this deadly attack. It read somewhat like this: “Over 100 people died when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the shrine in Sehwan in the outskirts of Hyderabad city in Sindh. ISIS has taken credit for the attack that prompted the new Army chief to swear revenge”.

Finding a news article on a fresh Violent incident has become too routine an affair and it no longer leave a lasting impact in the conscious mind, even though it goes on to instill another dose of fear in our subconscious mind.

But I was quite annoyed to read that “ISIS has taken CREDIT for this heinous act. Credit since my early days has been associated with “praise, approval, or honor”.

“She got her due credit for the invention or her boss took the credit instead” were the usual lines that we were taught in the early years. Incidentally the dictionary says the same thing even today.

Then why our journalists connect a terror organization and one of their dastardly act with the word “CREDIT”!!!
But is there a good word to describe such an act?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Republic Day of a Grown Up Nation

Being clean is a sign of goodness and spiritual purity and we need to make our country clean. I believe that the cleanliness drive should start by cleansing our mind and heart before following it through to our surrounding and environment.
But before we proceed, let decide to do one another thing .. draw a line. On one side of the line we place our way of life, perception of right or wrong and on the other side our political belief, politics, stubbornness and the likes. Those who fail to have a positive mindset should not be allowed to hold back rest of us from moving in the right direction.
One such right direction is the ambitious “Clean India Mission” (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan) launched by the Prime Minister in October 2014. The goal of drastically improving the country by 2019, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
It is disgusting to see some citizens including few so called leaders ridiculing this mission because they don’t agree with the ideology of the party that the Prime Minister represents. I am tired of hearing comments such as shelter for the homeless is more important than toilets or this money would be better spent on education rather than toilets... so on and so forth.
Difference in ideology doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to oppose everything that the PM says or does.After 68 long years of being a republic, we are not toddlers anymore who can pooh anywhere. People of India should demonstrate more rational in their thought and action. It’s a time when a nation is mature enough to have more than one thing are in the list of priorities.
Come on guys! defecating in the open is neither hygienic nor a heritage which the future generations would badly miss.
BBC reported how tidying up is a ritual in a village and everyone – from tiny toddlers to toothless grannies – takes very seriously. This small, place is renowned as the cleanest village in India and not only that, it is clean enough to give the clean cities of Asia … a run for their money. If the people of Mawlynnong, a small  village in eastern India’s Maghalaya state can do it WE ALL CAN DO IT. It's easy! all we need to do is contribute our bit.

This Republic day lets pledge to clean our mind, our heart and the places where we live. Let us revive and relive the old dictum … Cleanliness is next to Godliness.