The Tiger is Back on the Prowl

This week we celebrate the marvelous win of Tiger Woods and there are many good reasons to do that. This is such an epic moment in history that united Donald Trump and Barak Obama in their thought and action.

Tiger Wood is the sporting hero and for his fans, the fact that Tiger doesn't know them is inconsequential. He might be a mentor to a fortunate few but as a hero he will continue to lend his imaginary voice to inspire countless admirers. 
In 1996, Woods became a professional golfer at the age of 20 and by the end of April 1997, he had already won three PGA Tour events and his first major. Woods was not only the dominant force in golf but his name became synonymous with the term “Winner” for decades. Having won thirteen of golf's majors, and placed in the top ten on sixteen occasions he was at the pinnacle occupying the top golfer in the world position from August 1999 to September 2004 and again from June 2005 to October 2010. His name then became synonymous with the term…

Who Kills Our Creativity?

I wish I could use the tag line …”choose your school teacher with caution”. The reality is that we rarely get an option to select our school, let alone who would teach us.
A student has to write the answer exactly as teacher did or follow the steps of mathematics with precision to avoid deduction of marks. In such a system, a teacher has very little to contribute as the requirement is to repeat the same stuff year after year to a new set of students. This most certainly deters the bright minds from joining the profession. The personality traits of the teachers leaves a lasting impression on the student's life but the teaching hardly does. To inspire brighter individuals into the teaching profession, the profession itself has to be more innovative rejecting the “one size fit all” approach. We shall then have teachers who are loyal to what they do rather than how to make money. One who never dreams of teaching while growing up will rarely find the situation motivating and look up to …

Faith - Yours, Mine, Today & Tomorrow

G, O and D are three letters placed one after the other. Human being have associated a sound and meaning to this composition, if you like. Then  a variety of images and tales were intertwined to represent this in various forms and shapes. This however, is not language specific, we find it resonate in almost all languages or dialects that exist or ever existed. Conflicts apart, we have the right to have our own meaning and understanding of what GOD represents in whichever language and that’s our FAITH. A very personal realization.

Looking at the creation of life with all its complexities and our attempt to replicate bits or pieces of  this complex life through engineering projects  have proved beyond doubt that there is someone out there with much superior know-how. Know-how, knowledge, wisdom or power whatever way we choose to define. Whether they constantly monitor us or listens to our prayers will probably remain a mystery to be solved at the aftermath of this lifetime if realizati…

The intemperate Bot

We had a holiday in Varanasi … Banaras during the first week of July 2017. It was an enjoyable family holiday as we saw one of the oldest cities in the world getting a face-lift. We stayed at the Taj, had some splendid boat rides on Ganges and got the opportunity to get connected to Samrat Ashoka the great via his Stambha (the lion pillar). While we were planning the trip we had looked up on booking dot com among other websites for hotel accommodation.….. and now the intemperate bot that works for that website is psyching me out of my wits! I am aware of the “Event based marketing” (also called trigger marketing and event initiated marketing) as a form of marketing that identifies key events in the customer and business life-cycle. When an event occurs a customer specific marketing activity is undertaken. But I had the event took place in 2017 and two years on I still receiving last minute deals on a regular basis. Leave me alone, Please!

A Shower From The Sky-High

This Friday the 18th of January 2019, a Japanese satellite blasted off into space carrying 400 tiny balls whose chemical formula is a closely-guarded secret.  The mission is to deliver the world's first artificial meteor shower. The agency reports that this should be adequate for 20-30 events, as one shower will involve up to 20 stars.

The satellite shall be released at about 500 km above the Earth and will gradually descend to 400 km over the coming year. The target is to deliver the first out-of-this-world show over Hiroshima in the spring of 2020.  Hiroshima! Does this name ring a bell?
Japan seems to be quite focused “Stocking Up” those secret balls and in this case stocking those quite High Up above our head. The news was distributed by AFP and picked  up by all major news outlets worldwide. Read Here

For the optimist and the naive, mankind may now have their meteor shower “On Demand” but the reality could not be further off than that. The space above our head will soon be cr…

Doodling For the Spring

Armed with the pen and highlighter while at the office desk, I dream of spring. Clear sky, green meadows with trees blooming with flowers while a little bird approaches the fresh flowers enthusiastically and cautiously. We love spring as every living entity in this world are happy and full of life. Hibernating animals wake up or return from warmer climates and often with newborns – The ultimate sign of life. The world today is going through difficult times. It’s so severe that we need to look high and low for one good news in our daily newspapers. Understandably life for some is tougher than others and even the toughs’ stumbles as they keep going. As we eagerly wait for the advent of spring, I believe it is our responsibility to instill good values in our children for them to confront such challenges in the future. Change, we need to understand essentially happens only when we are part of that change. Teach them to adjust the sails when the direction of the wind changes. And if sit…

Rite of Passage

Today is Mahalaya, a very auspicious for people who follow the Hindu way of life and philosophy. The Pitru Pakhsha, whose literal translation from Sanskrit means “fortnight of the ancestors” ends on this day and is marked as a day when men perform a rite called “tarpan”. I remember from my childhood when offerings were made to our deceased ancestors by my father. I always interpreted this as an opportunity to remember and express our gratitude to those who have left this world.

I, not having a lot of trust on purity of the Ganges and faith on the mantras chanted by today’s priests, prefer to remember my father in solitude…..within the confine of my home……..inside me. I do not believe much in the pomp & show and would love to stick to the basics in most occasions but there are many who would beg to differ!!
Extravagant celebrations when children are born, their birthdays and weddings are not uncommon these days but the new motto of life for many seems to be “live lavishly, go out …