A Random Act of Kindness

Today the internet has become a part of our life, so much so that we now have a mental condition where in the patients suffers from a disorder that arises out of not being able to access the internet. People find it difficult to handle the situation where they cannot access the Google to search for something that came accross their mind. This might be an extreme condition, but it is quite normal to use internet for their day to day life in staying connected and staying enlightened. None of these can be termed as selfless acts even if these are not selfish but we seldom put back to the web as much as we seem to have taken from it.
The article that I came across in a weekend magazine is about spreading the good word and is a complete eye opener. It all started when young Melissa Morris-Ivone encountered a polite gesture from a fellow human being; a gesture which used to be part of a normal day's work in the good old times. Today we are in a world of cut throat competition. With all the madness around we have changed so much from what our forefathers used to be. Probably this jusitfies why a simple act of kindness and politeness made such a big impact and she decided to use the internet to spread the good word. She came up with the idea of starting OperationNice.com where people can contribute any act of kindness that they happened to be part of. In a world where selfishness and cruelty are part of daily life we definitely need more of these.
This took me back to a car bumper sticker which read "do a random act of kindness today" and this may quite turn out to be a contagious act. If everyone of us does a random act of kindness as part of our daily life we could actually make a big difference to this world. Talking of Bumper sticker another issue crosses my mind. The driving ethics of people here in Dubai. How selfish some people are here and it hurts me to observe how so many people fail to look or think beyond their very own self. They shamelessly use the bus drop off or a parallel internal road to cut the queue and go before you without any remorse totally ignoring the sentiments of us who have been waiting patiently for our turn. You say to yourself that next time I am going to do the same but your conscious does not allow you, neither can you stop them from doing that. Could we not start a campaign the Gandhi way and try to change them? could we not do some thing like a "random act of kindness" so that they too feel pity about themselves as we do for them for lacking basic humane qualities!! This is just an idea......


  1. Just to keep perspective and in the spirit of "Change" here is a prayer I came across, which appears to be kind and inspirational and is probably the only thing to ask from "The Kind and Unkind God":

    "God grant me the serenity to accept
    the things I cannot change,
    courage to change the things I can,
    and wisdom always to tell the difference"

    "Ora ki koray" concept'ta bhalo namiyechis. You should keep writing. kichudin agay akta darun boi sesh korlam - Shantaram, Mumbai'er opor mostly, ak Australian criminal'er lekha. bhalo insight from a different angle. bye akhon.


  2. Pati da,
    thik e bolecho. Ekhon we have to accpet those changes.
    Amar onek din boi pora hoye uthche na... tobe interesting laglo byaparta. Through the eye of an criminal.
    Esho majhe majhe


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