A hard Fact of Life

Change is the only constant in life while weight is the only constantly changeable truth!
As we move along the journey of our life we meet a lot of people and also leave them behind as we continue on our path. Sometime we do not remember much of that person anymore but certain comment or act of his stays with our for a long time. I remember one such statement which will make all the health conscious people shudder. While I was in Delhi we had an Accountant (a hot shot stock broker now) who used to come for a week every month and do the auditing and prepare our salary cheques. He was loud spoken north Indian with lots of anecdotes and excellent sense of timing. That made him very popular with this bengali man who was just being exposed to Hindi and Punjabi languages.
Our usual lunch was dal makhani (black dal with white butter) and tandoori rotis with the option to top up with a quarter makhan or half makhan (25gm or 50 gm of amul butter). Then we were young and hungry, not at all perturbed with eating excesses or obesity. In case there was sense of a guilt creeping in while gobbling all those extra butter, his unforgetable comment would come to our rescue. He always used to quip "ki laike aya tha .. ki laike jayega? Jo khayega woh e saath jayega!" (what did you get along at your birth and what will you take along when you die? Its only what you eat that will stay with you till the end). I would not debate how prudent that statement was, but it definitely was helpful at that moment in time.
But when you come to think of it, this particular "saath jayega" stuff is quite intriguing. When you want it you do not get it and when you get it you find out that you got it in the wrong place and then you want to get rid of it you hardly succeed!
While in college I had done everything I possibly could to put some weight and have a bit of a noticeable body mass. I turned out to be too slippery to get anything stuck on me and my weight remained unchanged, as constant as the unit of measurements. Few years later things changed and I could feel the surge! It was a great feeling. But it soon turned out to be a present continuous tense. Initially a little bit of walking and gyming would do the trick and kept things under control. Slowly as life got busier and I kept postponing my mission to restart the exercise to tomorrow but to my surprise I was presented with a brand new tomorrow, each morning and I could never catch up! Finally a day came when I sadly realized that it was beyond my control and perhaps VLCC will not be of much help. Then, one day I received a mail with pictures of some of the most sought after heroes of Hollywood. Well..... pictures speak louder than words!!! I am not alone!


  1. Very cute!! Nice collection of picture!!

  2. At last a peek into your life!! So far I have been reading very well researched but impersonal posts!! Liked this one because it opened up a part of you to us. Pierce Brosnan!! You ruined that man for me!!

  3. Swatantra,
    Thanks for visiting.
    I am a bit introvert.. prablably that is the reason for impersonal posts. Sorry for ruining Brosnan. But intersetingly Bollywood heroes are getting more muscular with every passing days.

  4. a post straight from the heart:-)
    u have company not only in hollywood -tho some of the pics i feel have undergone morphing-cant brosnan and gere like that!


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