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I believe one of the most powerful inventions of our life time is the personal computer. I was introduced to this thing of wonder a bit late in my life maybe not as late as some other but late enough. At our Engineering College the computer room or computer lab as it used to be called used to have an uncanny similarity to an ICU. This boss man used to reside in an air-conditioned glass room under lock and key and with limited access and strictly under supervision of the protector of the glass castle. When we were allowed to enter that room we had to leave our foot wares outside. It was imbibed in our mind that it was a very delicate instrument and one has to take extreme care while dealing with him. Little did I know at that point that you need to be a genius to spoil it (not by vandalism)!
Later on in life I got the opportunity to have regular handshake and at one point could manage the limited network of pc in the office. But those were the DOS days and we used to write long commands whenever there was a need to copy or move a file. But then came the windows and along with it came the user friendly way of dealing with the pc (I will not go into the controversy of PC adapting the Mac way of life).
But what it brought along is according to me the most powerful tool of our day to day existence today-the “copy & paste” tool. This tool has done wonders! This simply does not require any more elaboration. Now we can even “drag and drop” stuff but I still believe that “Copy and Paste” still wins hands down. But there is a catch:
I heard a story where a patient goes to a doctor with a knee dislocation problem. The doctor applies a light stroke with his hammer and the patient is fit to run again. The patient argues how you justify your fees of 100 bucks as a stroke like this is nothing more than a child’s play. The doctors say “my dear, you are only paying 1 buck for the strike while the remaining 99 is for knowing where to strike”.
Today I thank our fellow blogizen Aparna for giving me an award on 19th August 2009 and also sharing the knowledge of the place to copy it from and the location to paste it to. At this moment I regret to state that I will not be forwarding the tag and award that came my blog’s way any further. Let these rest here (I was tagged by Sujata on her blog on the 4th of July 2009) for the time being.


  1. Congrats for the award... The post is too good...

  2. I rem in school we had computers introduced to us in std 9th, and the lab was such a dream, the only room in the entire school that had AC, and also the fact that we had to remove shoes outside this class, made us all the more curious and excited, programming was in Pascal and the operating system was DOS, we did add numbers in the first practical class, and two students had to share a machine. Things have changed from zero to a a very high number in this arena, right in front of us no? CONGRATS for the awards, they look great on your page!!

  3. Wonderful post. Even me in college used to leave our footwear out when entering the room.

    Congrats. You well deserve the award.

  4. I first touched computer in 1998(only touched)..since last two years i am using one..still a long way to learn many things about it..
    Congratulations ..wish you many more.

  5. I have a good teacher, my daughter! She is not even 14 but knows more about it than the knowledge acquired by my husband and me put together.

    Although I use it daily, I am still quite pathetic at this.

    The award looks very good on your page! Congrats!

  6. Yes, computers are wonderful in ways that they help us stay connected, to the world at large and our dear ones... and like aparna said, my kids know a lot more and can run rings round me. It is a great tool but as a mom, boy , can it be hard to peel the kids away...

    congratulations on your awards.

  7. Hehe, loved this post! Excellent as always. With you it is quality, not the quantity that counts.;))
    Anyway, congratulations on your award! You deserve it! The award thingy is always a bit tricky, I almost never pass my awards on and I feel so guilty...
    I so get that about the computers! Recollections such as those make us feel a bit old, right?

    Have a lovely weekend.;)

  8. Computers are wonderful and rather scary, because I am not very good at operating them!

    But I enjoyed your post a lot.

  9. great post!the computer has been a real boon to many of us!

    Congratulations on the award :)

  10. Heartiest congratulations for your award. You are a very good writer and you deserve the award. I enjoyed your post very much. Its very nice and computers have become a necessary part of our life in this present scenario.

  11. Hi! Congratulations on the award. I get tagged with awards and memes all the time and I more or less had to start a new blog to accommodate the tag and award posts because they were getting in the way of the things I wanted to say. I have two awards pending right not which have to be passed on and while I am deeply touched to be thus honoured by my fellow bloggers, all I can think of is , oh, gosh work! I shall get my teenage daughter to do the links bit for me.

    It is amazing how things have changed nowadays, isn't it? In a few short years, computers have gone from being something for office use only to an indispensable household item. They are a great means of staying close to home for me, and I am sure, for you too!

  12. Hi! It's me again. Got my homework finished and links completed and I have an award for you over at my second blog, gaelikaasdiary.blogspot.com. Please do drop over for a minute!


  14. Friends!
    thank you all for your comments and thoughts.
    I is so late that I thought it won't make any sense to try and reply to you all individually though I would have loved to do that.
    Gaelikaa, thanks for the award and I shall pick it up soon


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