An Effort Worth Taking ...

Earlier this month my fellow blogger Gaelikaa of “Gaelikaa’s diary” passed on an award to my blog and I thank her for that. I like to receive awards of all types like any other fellow human being. For awards and citations are recognition and appreciations for what we do.
I have not received many awards like most of the achievers of today’s world. I remember having received only a few of them, 3 to be precise. And out of that only one was at a national level and remaining 2 at zonal summit and nothing in the International level. Those were long way back during my college days. I do not even have the certificates as they were hanging in our college department wall when I saw them last. I hope they are still hanging on and have been joined by many more brought by the boys, who came after us!
Though I was very happy to receive the award, I was not able to put it up in my blog. I was a bit too busy doing something which I have not done in years and definitely not done it enough when other does it most. Yes! You guessed it correctly. I was preparing for a professional exam and by the grace of good God, I was successful and my score was way above average but unfortunately not the “Crème de la Crème”. It was quite difficult for me to say the least. But I was lucky to have my wife around who used to be a school teacher. She not only did take care of the daughter but also monitored my monitor so that I did not drift away from my goal. It was a good reminder of good old school days!
But as the saying goes... All Well that ends well! I am happy and so is everyone else. An effort worth taking!
Once through with that I decided to put a bit of effort on the other blog that I want to put up. It is called “A slice of Art & Design”, I intend to showcase Art and Design and Architecture in there. I invite all of you to pay a visit there whenever your time permits. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Congratulations on your well deserved award.;)
    And of course, many congratulations on passing your exam! Well done! I do not think I could even imagine to have to study again, that is way back in my past. Just sitting in a school bench is unthinkable, even sitting in a chair at a seminar makes me tired.;)
    Interesting title to your new blog, I will make sure to visit.;)

  2. My heartiest congratulations to you for your award and exam. Keep it up! Great achievement.

  3. Congratulations! More so for the exam that you took. Kudos to your wife too. as they say, behind every successful man there is an even more successful woman.

  4. Congratulations on the award and the the success of your exam. And a hurray for your wife for taking up the mantle of running the show so well and also for helping you focus!!

  5. Thanks for taking the award Suman, it looks lovely on your blog. And congratulatons on passing the exam. I'll visit yur new blog as soon as possible. I'm overrun these days, every weekend is a holiday weekend here in India nowadays, this weekend it's Gandhi Jayanti and in UP it's Kanshiram's Jayanti, courtesy of CM Mayawati, and I'm finding it very difficult to sit down at the computer for even five minutes. I hope you had a nice time with the Puja celebrations although it would obviously have been great if you could have celebrated at home in W. Bengal....

  6. There's no email id available for you, I just wanted to get back to you regarding your comment on my last post - actually someone left a comment on my previous post on Durga Puja referring to 'upper class educated Indians'. Well, my family in India are most certainly educated but they are middle class, definitely not upper. I'm from a working class backround myself. That comment from fellow blogger, Charmine, set me thinking and gave me an idea for the subsequent post, the one you read. So I suppose when I referred to 'upper strata' I really meant 'educated and reasonably well off' because I sort of wanted to avoid the whole class issue, if you know what I mean. But sometimes, it is very difficult to express yourself properly and convey your exact meaning. I realise 'upper strata' really does mean upper class but I was just trying to convey something without seeming to be condescending. Thanks for making me look at it again.

  7. @ Protégé,
    You bet. It was so difficult initially but then there comes a time when one has to do certain things ….
    Thank you
    Thanks and point noted.
    Hmm. She is going to be happy when she reads this.

    @ Gaelikaa,
    Sometime it is fun to have holidays and sometime it is not…. The CM is quite a hypocrite to say the least. Trying to woo the poor with events like KanshiRam Jayanti, while having stashed millions for her. This time the Puja was in our heart and mind only. We cherished the spirit!

  8. Congratulations to you for your award as well as for your success in exams....and my regards to NAARI-SHAKTI behind your success.A new blog !!!sounds cool.

  9. first of all congratulations on your award and your success at the exam.
    Will be hopping to your new blog right away..sounds interesting :)

  10. Congratulations! I remember making a decision to go back to university and getting back into study took a lot of effort. I was studying part time and still working; up to that point, I'd finish work and once the chores were done, hang out with my husband and friends. All that changed rather quickly. I totally understand the time and effort it takes to study with a family so I'd say very well done.


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