This New Year

Best Wishes for 2010 to all my friends and your loved ones.

The absence of both the eves from my home turned this New Year’s Eve into quite a boring state of affair. These days I am the whole and sole moving creature in my home and moving so fast at work that it leaves with neither time nor the temperament to jot down a few lines for my blog. Initially I had decided that I would welcome the New Year in a deep state of meditation sitting in the serene posture of Buddha. That did not happen but instead I found myself reflecting on the changes I witnessed in my lifetime. Thoughts were drifting and swaying in all direction till I started to think about New Year greeting Vis-à-vis sending cards and letters.

The world of this small-town boy was finite and very small as I grew up. We had a few friends but fortunately they were real to the letter “l” (pun intended). We would meet at least once most of the days and we could touch, feel them, hug them and even fight with them unlike the virtual and at times artificial friends that we have these days! We never used cards to wish our friends for Christmas or the New Year. Occasionally we used to send one to the class teachers! Parents did use postcards to write to the relatives and most of the time privacy was not an issue and if it was, there was always an envelope.
The world started to grow bigger during the college days. Having moved far away from home I started to write letters regularly and that was the only affordable channel of regular communication. During festivals we had exchange of letters among cards with childhood, school mates and pen pals.
Life took another turn as we graduated from college and stepped into the more materialistic (real) world. Handwritten letters started to make room for printed cards that required only a signature before it could be sent to post. With the personalized message missing, it was the beginning of losing touch with dear old friends while making lots of new acquaintances at the workplaces and in the tinsel town.
Come mid nineties and our world changed again and this time it became extremely small while remaining massively BIG. We were ushered in to the world of the internet. All of a sudden old friends and old flames started to appear back in the horizon. Friends separated by thousands of miles became closer than ever, responding to each other over enthusiastically within moments to receiving an email. Tagged along came the chartrooms where friends were waiting eagerly for the most important event of the day... the Big Adda (chat) at the cyber coffee Shop.
By this time “the obituary” was already written for the era of “hand written” letter and “Seasons Greeting card” was fast becoming part of the history. At the same time we were getting used to receiving emails informing an E-card waits for me should I decide to follow the given link. They were coming in huge numbers around the year celebrating every occasion and commemorating the “Friendship day” many times a year.
We turned another corner by the time we stepped in the latter half of last decade. The emails and the e-cards started to disappear as fast as they came in. While friends decided to abstain from writing meaningful emails, our fellow human beings from Nigeria took that task to ensure that there was no dearth of spam mails in our inbox. On one side the E-card sites have started to charge money trying to reap what they had sown while on the other hand it was the advent of the social networking sites that provided new platform to celebrate festivities with family and friends. Writing a simple statement of what was in my mind was sufficient to wish all of the friends. The ultimate level of achievement in efficiency and energy conservation!
The phone calls, SMS and emails have taken away the waiting for the joy of waiting for the mailman/ postman. If they come they get only the bills and sometimes periodicals. But I have one “hand written letter” that arrives by post once in awhile. That is because there is this only one person with whom I still have written communication and we both cherish it. A little while back I received a letter which has arrived here via Dubai and now it is my turn to reply!

A pile of post that came in today

Only one handwritten letter


  1. Beautiful post as always, so full of reflection on an era that is somewhat gone, but that will never disappears. I hope. Just as the books are still around, and that radio is still here despite television and cinema, this way I hope handwritten letters and cards will never go out of fashion. Perhaps they will not despite it all, as somewhere along the line, electronic communication will go out of fashion.

    The man I love sends me beautiful gifts and I treasure them more than anything else. But, the best of all are his letters. I would give up all the gifts in the world just in order to keep receiving them forever.
    Happy 2010 dear friend,

  2. Very nice post !! I liked the picture on the top.

    Cute!! Happy new year!!

  3. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
    I appreciate for your wonderful post with lovely pictures.

  4. I loved writing letters to my grandparents, my uncles, aunts and cousins, never a postcard, I always found it too small and too open, The inland and at times an aerogram was my chosen carrier. But the age of emails has me lost. I am not good at responding to mails..I find the chats easier. I envy that you recieved a handwritten mail. Wishing you the best in 2010.

  5. I wrote numerous letters to my cousins and friends while growing up, but now the art of letter writing is probably dead. I have not received a single letter in the last 5 years or more. The age of SMS and emails have arrived big time.

  6. Oh yes, I remember the change well. As a voracious letter writer and pen pal, I welcomed the arrival of the internet and email with open early adopter if ever there was one. There were still people I communicated with via 'snail mail' as someone named it, many years ago...I personally hate that phrase...and realised my joy at receiving a letter, possibly containing real photographs, a pressed flower or, as one old aunt often did, a smell of perfume (she sprayed a little on each hand written note).

    My friends abroad receive a hand written note several times at least throughout the year; whereas I love email, facebook, blogs etcetera etcetera, nothing beats that smile we get on our faces when the airmail or handwritten addressed envelope arrives on the mat.

    Great post! x

  7. 如果你批評他人。你就沒有時間付出愛.........................

  8. Change is inevitable. Whether we like it or not the world around us changes and we also change along with it.
    Wonderful post.

  9. Hi, I am back to answer your question bout the possible life expansion when hibernating.;)
    In theory, yes, I would say that life should be expanded, as when you slow down the metabolism, you slow down aging. I guess this is why NASA is researching "suspended animation" or human hibernation, in order to be able to transport astronauts to distant galaxies. But of course I am not sure about this.;)
    Thank you for your always insightful comments at my place, I enjoy your visits.;)


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