My 2 Minutes

Time is always at a high premium for all of us! But these days I feel it more than ever before. Not because I have reached that part of life when one graduated from “growing up” to “getting old” but for the unique reason of not being able to manage my time too well. I have started to realize that it does not belong to me anymore and life is getting over between rushing to work and hurrying back home.
The most irritating moment of the life on the road is perhaps when you are approaching a crossroad with the traffic light green but the car in front of you is moving with a very slow speed or has decided to slow down. It was one of those days when I was about to lose another 2 minutes of my life just after having lost once in the previous signal. The car ahead of me was moving at an irritable slow speed with no intention of dashing for the green light. She finally reached the signal and stopped as the light was changing to amber. Usually motorist in this part of the world don't stop even when the light is changing to RED.
Having stopped at the signal and see 2 minutes of my life disappear in vain, I had one option of either being grumpy and take my frustration out on my car horn. But instead of that a new realization dawned on me and I became a bit philosophical. So much so that this made me jump within my mind and I will never be the same on roads again when I am driving alone. In fact I would be looking forward to more of those 2 minutes.
After all, the only moments that I can truly claim as mine is when I am driving to or from office. At either end of the destination, my time is either sold off or belongs to someone else!


  1. What a great perspective on time.;) Turning something that initially raised your irritation level to something positive.;)
    Often, when I am bored silly or impatient, waiting in line, or stuck at a traffic light, I think what if I only had two minutes to live? I would cherish those more than anything.;) Having enough time can never be a bad thing.;)
    So good to see you back again, I hope all is well.;)

  2. That was very deep!
    Oh yes I can so understand the frustration about missing that green light just because of the dumb motorist ahead of you who chooses to be ultra slow!! :D

  3. Enjoy your moments, friend

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  4. Wonderful. Even my experiences are similar. When I see a vehicle in front of me moving slowly and block the entire road, it is very frustrating.

  5. Yes, is why I would like to have money--to be able to own my own time? Is that still futility? Probably~thanks for the thought provocation. C

  6. I feel like getting down from the car and whacking the driver before me if he/she decides to go slow when the signal is green. I hate that!! As I get old, I need 'me-time' more than anything in the world.

  7. What an inspiring thought! All those two minutes could add up to some of the greatest hours.... :O)


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