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These are very hot this summer days here in Doha. The mercury has been soaring very high. I have recorded 50 degrees twice during the last two months or so.
Since my Mitsubishi is carrying me without any complaint in this rough weather, I thought she was due for some well deserved therapeutic treatment this morning.
This morning I took my mate for a bath. There are not many places around here where you have this facility. Not many that we am aware of. I am probably right as even on the unholy hour of 7:30 am in a weekend morning I had to queue up behind 2 cars to have my turn. Even after reaching my turn, it is a considerable amount of time to wait as it is quite a task to get her cleaned inside out.
It reminded me of my days as a regular smoker when we used to light a cigarette on every occasion. When I had nothing else to do I would light one. I would have smoked 4 - 5 cigarettes this morning. I should have had brought something along to read even though it was quite difficult to sit in the heat and read a book. Instead I am pounding or rather pinching on my phone keyboard typing this nonsensical blog post and clicking some pictures keep me engaged while some guys are working so hard on my car. A rather unproductive timepass!
But I am not convinced that I was missing those smoking days .............. anyways!


  1. So good to see a post from you and what a great post as well! I so enjoyed it as it felt so real.;) Like I was experiencing something with you, that took place so far away from me.;))
    50C, that sounds truly severe.;)My car has at the best shown 33C this year.;))
    Stay cool;))

  2. Cool bath for the vehicle at 50 C, I guess she needed the soapy bath

  3. The car washes are an actual treat for my son, he loves the soaping of the car and the hose that finally washes it. These things are not so visible in India, as here.


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