Choose your partner with care

Last weekend we were at the beach and it was rather empty around. I guess most of the people were either at home as this is the holy month of fasting or did not think it was a good idea to be at the beach on this hot summer afternoon.
While our daughter was reluctantly getting introduced to the Majestic Sea under the mother’s supervision, not at all amused by its vastness, I decided to take a lone stroll along the water.

I spotted a dead fish on the sand I remembered two stories that keep having a significant impact on our lives. These are the fish story and the scorpion stories of life. I thought of sharing these with you as both of these are worth sharing.

The Fish Story
A small boy was once walking in the beach along the water and he noticed that as waves were crashing into the sand they were throwing hundreds of small fishes out of the water. Those little creatures had no hope of surviving. Then he saw a man who was picking a hand full of those fishes and letting them back in the water. A little boy who was amused and asked,

“Sir there are hundreds of fish that are been thrown out with each wave. You are rescuing only a few while most of them are dying anyways. What difference does it make?”
The next wave swept in and he picked one fish and while he returned it back to the water, he said
” It did make huge a difference to this fish. It is alive.“

It also made a big difference to the boy!

The Scorpion
The other story that crossed my thoughts was that of the scorpion who used to live by the side of a pond along with other creatures. It was raining heavily one day and water started to overflow and flood the surrounding areas. As land was getting submerged, the only way for the creatures to survive was to swim across to the other side. The scorpion did not know how to swim and approached a frog with a request for a ride across to the shore.

“I won’t do that as you will sting me” said the frog said.
“Now you are my partner. If I will do that my I will sink with you” said the scorpion.
Reassured the frog let the scorpion ride on his back as it swam across. Half way through the scorpion stung on the back.
The poison paralyzed the frog’s limbs and asked as they were sinking the frog asked,

“Why did you do it? Now you too are going to die.”

“What can do my friend” said the scorpion with tears rolling down.

“This is my nature.”

Choose your partner with care. friends


  1. Beautiful moral tales.Thanks for sharing.

  2. lovely tales, really worth understanding.

  3. Wonderful tales with a moral. This is where most of the people falter - choosing the right partner. May be there is no such thing called "right partner"

  4. Hello dear friend, I am back from travels.;) Loved this entertaining and very poignant post.;) Yes indeed, sometimes we can not change our nature and eventually everything is relative.;)
    Hope you have been well,

  5. Wish you and your family a very Happy Janmashtami.
    Very nice and beautiful post with lovely pictures. I liked the tales very much.


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