To sleep or not To sleep

Weekends are part of everyday life and they keep coming without much control. The effort however gets consumed between the weekends and most of the time wishing that there were a couple of days less before the next weekend arrives. On a few rare occasions one does hope that there were a little bit of more time before the week actually ends but that’s definitely not normal.

What is that one big decision that one has to take for the Sunday morning and in our case Friday morning? The Saturday night is usually dictated by the social circles while the more active socialites spend partying the lesser mortals have some quality family time. But challenge is on the morning of the holiday. Do you wake up early because this is your day and you want to enjoy and actively utilize every moment of the day or you want wake up late and use the opportunity to give your body and mind a well deserved rest.

On a working day morning there isn’t much that I can do before rushing off to work. I sleep till the last moment during weekdays using the snooze to squeeze out the last bit of available time and stretching up to the limit. I prefer to wake up early on the weekend to devour the early hours and let it seamlessly flow into my rest of the day. A nap in the afternoon goes a long way to compensate for much required rest for the body and soul. I had slept till late in the morning a few times and invariably got depressed upon waking up that my holiday was almost over and guilt that I have wasted it.

Everybody has their own priorities for the holidays but sleeping in the morning is not on that list of mine!

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  1. Oh, it depends for me.;) In the winter, when it is dark most of the day I do sleep in long in the weekends.;)) But if I have plans that weekend i sure can get up at the crack of the dawn.;)
    Have a great weekend - sleeping in late or not.;)

  2. Nice post. But I do sleep bit extra in the mornings on the weekend as weekdays it is rush hour. But once I get up there is no rest.

  3. I think that sleeping extra in the morning hours doesn't work for me.I do love naps but it seems like a tough thing to do with two kids at home.

  4. Had I my way, I would have loved to sleep till late, however being a mother doesnt help in such wish fulfillments, so I wake up but then i just drag the day, i linger over the papersm have a relaxed coffee and enjoy the most if the kids and husband find some excuse to get out of the house..thats my moment

  5. Though its a very bad habit to sleep late in the morning as its always best to go to bed early and get up early so that we can feel refresh. But at times when we have lots of work or guests visit our house or during weekend we feel like sleeping late in the morning.

  6. I rise early most mornings as I sleep with one eye open; one of the inherited traits of having kids. :O)


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