Never fight with an idiot

As I was driving to work this morning I remembered a similar morning in Kuwait many years back. It was rush hours and a single lane connecting up to the 5th Ring road was conveniently converted into 2 lanes and with no consideration to the term “right of way”. I was driving a saloon car and a rugged 4 wheel drive was pushing me from my right and forced me to stop as the metals clinked.

I lowered down the window and before I could open my mouth the other guy said … “I agree I am an idiot! But what is wrong with you? You should have stopped.”  I was dumbfounded. The only answer that I could have given was "Hey, I am a idiot too." But was forced to leave the scene as hundreds of cars behind us was getting restless and had started to honk in a way which could easily give the vuvuzela South Africans a good run for the money!

Later on I asked myself … was I competing with that idiot in idiocracy?
Unfortunately the answer was YES!
Lessons learnt: Never fight with an idiot even if you are right. It’s a No Win situation or should I say a LOSE - LOSE situation. You are either defeated by an idiot and if you win you end up being a bigger idiot!
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  1. Hehe, this was funny, I have to remember that.;) I also like the one that states we never argue with people we do not respect, it applies in some ways here too.;))
    Driving makes my blood boil at times too.;)
    happy New Year to you and yours.;)

  2. Very interesting experience.
    Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.


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