The wrath of Mother Nature

On 11 March 2011 we woke up to the devastating news of a massive earthquake striking in Japan and that was followed by massive Tsunami waves. As we sat in the comfort of our living rooms and watched the news break in our TV screens, we were terrified. We were awestruck as we watched buildings, cars and ships thrown around as if they were pieces of LEGO toys.
I heard the news commentator mention repeatedly that cities, villages and towns have been washed away by those 10m high waves. I did not realize the extent of the damage till I saw these set of satellite Photos which compared the images taken after the devastation with the ones taken before the Quake and Tsunami.


  1. Such very evocative images, so much tragedy without words...
    I can not even bear to think about this catastrophe any longer, my mind and soul are saturated with pain and disbelief. It makes me so aware of how fragile life realy is and how it can be taken from us in a millisecond.


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