Yesterday I was at the supermarket doing my groceries, which was the usual weekly ration of fruits, vegetables, milk, and fish stuff. As I was pushing the cart along, I could see others glancing at my catch. Some of them were a bit shy and looked from the corner of their eyes while others were more straightforward with their act. They must have been quite surprised as my trolley was not even full, leave alone the overloaded ones that one usually witnesses in this part of the world. Those carts would remind you of the fully loaded Lorries in roads of our subcontinent.
I wondered if there was anything wrong in this behaviour. Is this comparable to a peeping Tom for example or can it be considered to be an infringement of my privacy? The answer probably is negative though may not be seen as good etiquette. It's not that I am a saint in this regards or my eyeballs are fully under my command in similar situations. They involuntarily move towards other’s trolleys and return with information that I can easily do without.
Does anyone know for sure why we do what we do and whether it is some type of compulsive disorder? Alternatively it could be simply being inquisitive and having that uncontrollable urge to glance over the shoulder to see what the diners sitting at the next table have ordered while in a restaurant
 Maybe I scan the cart’s contents to have a quick check if I have missed out on any cool deal but try and avoid direct gaze of their soon to be owners. My guilty conscious argues that this stuff still belong to the store considering that those were not paid for yet.


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