Six Practical Hints to be a Successful Presenter

Sometime back, I happened to buy a gadget called Apple TV, probably one of the cheapest from the apple product range. I was introduced to an amazing new world of connectivity. I could not only mirror my iPhone or iPad on the TV but I could also watch the YouTube.
Although there are plenty more features in that thingy, the feature I liked most is TED (an acronym for technology, entertainment, and design) talks. The site features presentations that they consider “ideas worth spreading”. Watching the presenters got me pondering about how to improve my personal presentation skills and be a better speaker.
After all our professional life encompass presentation, presentation and presentation. Our personal life is no different either. Only people with good communication skills can dream of being successful in life.

I have shortlisted some of the aspects that intrigued me and thought to be useful. I would much appreciate different opinions.

The first part obviously is to Design or compose what has to be presented. The second part is to deliver it to have the maximum impact. Life is fast and therefore it is important to develop effective opening. An equally effective closing will leave a lasting impression.

“Build Unshakable Self Confidence”
Need to develop greater self-belief in one self and his ability. This will help to communicate with so much conviction that the listeners shall get convinced.

Know your audience
It is very important to identify what the audience needs to know, be it an individual or a group. It is prudent to adjust the presentation to suit the liking and disliking of the audience.
Professional speakers use survey to know the audience before preparing the presentation. It is quite common to witness the speaker mixing with the crowd and having a chat before going up on the dais. This allows the speaker to get a pulse of the audience allowing for some last minute tweaking.

“Be at ease” while making a presentation
The effective opening is the first milestone achieved and without doubt “well begun, is half done”. To complete the remaining half, one has to continue while remaining interesting and flexible. He of she has to be at ease all through presentation and the best way to achieve that is by maintaining the true self. Many a time we try to be someone else and stay more focused on attaining that persona rather than the presentation.

“Think clearly under pressure”
Difficult or pointed questions will be thrown out by the audience. Appropriate response during uncomfortable circumstances will demonstrate confidence and distinguish the special from the ordinary. Clarity of thought will only come with thorough knowledge.

 “Win others over” to your way of thinking
The purpose of presentation invariably is to win other over to our way of thinking. While the obvious prerequisite is demonstration of the depth of subject knowledge, this also requires greater energy and enthusiasm while trying to persuade and influence the audience.


  1. I subscribe to TED talks too. Really find the talks very interesting.

  2. I really can't dispute any of the bullets. Except perhaps design. If not accompanied by self confidence and knowing your audience, it won't do you any good


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