Manhandling a Jacket, Allen Solly way

Till this time “mishandling” and “yours truly” never featured in the same sentence. Last week an attempt has been made to tarnish the reputation built over years by representatives of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, the company that owns the brand Allen Solly.  I have been accused of mishandling a jacket, for Christ’s sake! By this post I shall make others aware and caution others to be careful as this could happen to anyone. I could approach them as I purchased from a physical store in a high end mall, I shudder to imagine how desperate who purchases online would be.
We used to buy Allen Solly products as it is an Indian brand and in the same time lending support to the Make in India initiative in our own way. A premium brand is distinguishable by its willingness to accept its deficiencies and addressing those to ensure total value to their customer. Little did we know that Allen Solly in its dealing with us will demonstrate none of these characteristics while pretended to be one.
The shocker came in the form of my Allen Solly Jacket which I had worn sparingly for 3 odd months.  A casual jacket is seldom worn and more so when one resides in the Middle east where the opportunity to use worm clothes comes once in a blue moon.  After using it on a few occasions, I noticed the collar of the jacket having a defect of peeling.  Following winter, I took it back to the store in Kolkata. The staffs were visibly embarrassed and decided to send it to Bangalore for replacement, verbally assuring us that it was a manufacturing defect and the company would compensate.
A month later the store informed that the quality team has sent the jacket back and I received a letter stating that it was neither a defect of the fabric nor that of manufacturing. On a follow-up email they informed that based on comprehensive analysis by “Quality Care Cell” they concluded that the damage is noticed due to mishandling of the product. 
How does one mishandle the collar of a jacket that it starts peeling off?  Obviously, they did not accept the product is of substandard material and shied off from their responsibility of replacing the faulty product. At the very least they could have rendered an apology for selling substandard material to a customer in the garb of premier product.
I have made my decision not to purchase their products again and would caution people to learn from my experience and be prudent while making the next purchase decision. It’s another reminder for, “all that glitters are most certainly not gold”.

I am reproducing the mail that they had sent 


  1. One should not trust brands which try to hide their Indianness by assuming foreign like names "Allen Solly" "Van Heusen" "Louis Philippe." Had they been honest they would have kept a more Indian name or prominently display their parent name (Madura or ABN) in the show rooms. I remember one of their sales persons telling me it was a "International Brand." I have long stopped using dishonest brands like "Allen Solly"

  2. It is unfortunate but you can expect nothing better from brands like Allen Solly

  3. We trust this brand a lot. Surprising to know that even Allen Solly is not living upto its reputation.

  4. Really?! Thats an unpleasant surprise for sure. Good you decided to share the experience.

  5. This is such an unpleasant experience :-(

  6. its sad when you spend so much and face such an experience :(

  7. It's a sad fact that Indians are taken for a ride by the big brands here. I had seen in other developed countries that their normal goods are much better than our branded goods and much cheaper too.

  8. I need to add here that Allan Solly has positively reached out to me. .Their move is appreciated and hope to resolve this when I get back to Kolkata next time

  9. Thanks for sharin gthis information. I shall be careful next time.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rupali. The greater message I wanted to convey through this post was to never give up.


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