How is my driving

I believe in parallel universe: Multiple versions of us are living in alternate worlds that interact with each other. Nah! I am not going to bore you with quantum theories to explain "multiverse". Rather, it’s quite simple for us to perceive.

One world exist in our home, offices, parks or movie theaters while other one could be viewed in its full glory on our roads. Once behind the wheels of those moving metals, each actor has a different character ever ready to clank at the slightest opportunity.

I once encountered a driver, who started his argument by accepting he was an idiot while questioning if I did enough to prove my genius. He must have been a lawyer of the Road world and the realization dawned on me that in this parallel world all professions exists.

The Professor: When they happen to observe someone break the law, they make every effort to let the errant know that it was wrong. Given an opportunity they give a lecture on it.

Makeup Artists: They consider cars as moving parlors with drivers’ seat their dressing couch. It’s brings in lot of convenience with many mirrors allowing them put everything from foundation or lipstick to nail paint. Usually they don’t mind a honk or two to remind them that the traffic lights have gone green.

Late Risers: To complement those who could not manage makeups before leaving are the ones who missed breakfast. They are expert in completing a full course breakfast with sandwich, coffee et al and all without losing control of the steering wheel.

The Correspondent: Always interested in what happened along the road, slowing down to stick the neck out of the windows if there is an accident or there is a gathering of any sorts More often than not they will try to put their camera on duty.

Peeping Toms: These Toms spares no effort to find out what’s going on inside the car next door.

The learner: Someone who will frustrate everyone with their cautious driving and worst part of their behavior is they slow down even if the traffic light is green.

The Manipulator: They are expert in manipulating the situation and finding a way to arrive at the frontend of long queues most of the time exploiting the kindness of others or flouting the rules.

Multitasker: One mother of Multitasker was a colleague of mine who could put all his limbs into action. A cigarette in one hand, a mobile on the other while one foot took charge of the steering wheel while the other worked on accelerator and brake. Beating all odds, he is still alive and kicking!


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