Men are Obsolete

Either war is obsolete or man is. To not evolve beyond war is to choose oblivion over utopia.
My heart bleeds every time the news of the death of civilian or soldiers come in. Useful lives of our country are being wasted and families are getting devastated by mindless killings.

The idea above is of R Buckminster Fuller, a great American Architect and it was discovered on his desk after he had passed away. In my opinion he was a true dreamer in his own rights, otherwise  who in his right frame of mind would have dared to dream of a world without war. After all it's the arms industry that keeps the economic engines of so called great nations lubricated. They have made wars their birth right and seldom hesitate to bestow one upon others!
. ….. and of course we cannot undermine how much craving so called great people with ego have for absolute crude power and wealth.

Or else we all would have lived happily ever after!


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