E-commerce for Dummies

“Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe....We shall overcome, someday”
Generations of Indians sang this song every morning in their school assemblies or while cheering teams later in the life. We are able to derive greater inner strength from this anthem. 
We successfully overcome numerous obstacles “day in and day out” as we navigate through the challenges of life. Unfortunately, we do not consider this mantra while chasing dreams close to the heart.

Leaving the few entrepreneurs, we conveniently shy off from grabbing the bull by its horns when it comes to setting up our own businesses or self-employment. This is particularly true for trained professionals like engineers in-spite being better equipped for it. They remain within the comfort zone of remunerations, oblivious of the fact that the same effort could generate more satisfaction, appreciation and higher revenue.

A myth we heard during our younger days was that money flew in Kolkata streets. It could be mistaken for a black humor today, but this could well be true then. A place where money flies today is unarguable the internet and one need to find a way to harvest it.

Every time we browse the net or use an application on the smart phone, we realize someone somewhere is reaping the benefits of the internet. I have spent countless hours finding answers to “how-what-when” of starting a revenue stream using internet technology. Unfortunately no clear path has evolved from the labyrinth of my unorganized thoughts mixed with dreams and fantasies.

I strongly believe that it’s only a matter of time till we lesser mortals catch up and we shall overcome this mental block one day very soon. Going forward, I have shortlisted a few viable e-commerce options worth exploring. Let’s call it e-commerce for dummies:

  • Promote and sell your artwork of Paintings Online. There are many websites that will host the artworks for a sales commission.
  • Identify your core strength on any subject and you can start offering online tuition or training. Another good way to earn money online is by offering to help students with their projects, research or thesis.
  • Generate revenue by offering photos for sale on portals like Getty images, shutterstock, istockphoto, etc.
  • One can earn money online through content sharing about your interest and passion through blogs, guest blogs, feature writer etc.
  • Create interesting videos and upload those on sites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc. The more views it receives the more money it generates.
  • A more business minded individual could procure products in bulk directly from manufacturers sell those through their own website or offer those to e-commerce sites like Flipkart, ebay, amazon etc.
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