Handwriting Fun Project

We form a cusp generation, as we started treading the cyber path after we graduated from a teenager. Not too late, but it was not too early either.
Long distance calls were exorbitantly expensive and the known way of communication was through letters. Phones were meant to be used in case of emergency or to deliver short messages like … “I reached hostel safely.”
Message was not the only interesting aspect of letters, it was the entire Jing bang. The pen pals, the paper, ink color, handwriting and not to forget the precious little things on the cover… the coveted postage stamps. I enjoyed every aspect of this process and it’s not only stamps I collected, I also treasured many a letter.
An artist friend managed to remain untouched by computers creating an opportunity to communicate through lengthy personal letters. Not frequent, but immensely satisfactory feeling, nevertheless. An email announcing the receipt of my letter last year brought down the last bastion of letter writing.
On a train to London in December, we witnessed travelers writing festive cards like our olden times. Like London city, many traditions remained preserved, I explained to my daughter.
We decided to send our personalized cards around the world. A first time experience for our daughter to buy stamps, affix those before dropping them off.

No one chose to send back a card. But undeterred, I shall trying again to revive this old tradition. 


  1. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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