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We are scared to turn on the news stations these days and we wonder every time we switch it on about where has humanity gone and what value does a human life have today? We are dying in hundreds without any reason or fault of our own. This week there was this gore incident in the Philippines, where political rivals have killed 60 opponents and buried their body in a mass grave. Just for having different political views or was it the usual struggle for control?
Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the Mumbai attack. For us it is only a day to remember those people who lost their lives for just being there … wrong time wrong place for them. But for the families of those 165 people, it had been 365 days of painful existence.
Then there are two wars (would rather not call them war) being raged in Iraq and Afghanistan. The question is whether to increase the number of troops and if that will do any good. In brief they are putting more life at stake. My question to them is why do you struggle so much and waste so many lives to kill the end product. Why don’t you cut their supply lines of the number of arms and the extremist? While the extremists are usually homegrown, the arms & ammunitions are supplied by the developed (so called) countries.
Ireland has witnessed a couple of stray incident this week and that is not a good sign according to me.
Is there a deterrent for a suicide bomber? I wonder what punishment could be given to them if they could be apprehended!
As a child we learnt that when a people die they go to heaven and would point up to the sky. Many a stories have been written where the child asks for his dead father and mother points to the sky and assures that he is watching them from there. Today one American Astronaut Randolph Bresnik, who is in the International space station, is eagerly waiting to comedown to meet his child who is born while he is up in the sky. Things do change, don’t they?

Please do not get upset with the proportion of bad news. This is usually the proportion that we witness in the media today.


  1. Beautifully written as always, so much contemplation. Yes indeed, the world is at times an unsettling place, where wrong is done on daily bases and harm comes to those already in need.
    I always find it so ironic that we are taught right from wrong as children, yet the world we enter as adults is so utterly unfair.
    To find the silver lining in the cruel reality of every day life is to know how to enjoy living it.

  2. Very nicely written about all the incidents which has happened and also which are still happening. Last year Mumbai blast was a very targic incident in which hundreds of innocent people lost their lives. You are absolutely right that in Philippines so many people were killed due to pilitical rivals. Everyday we come across about Iraq and Afghanistan even in Pakistan that so many people are dying. Hope our country will progress and there will not be any more incidents.

  3. Unless we learn to love instead of hate, this is not going to stop. And that is a difficult task. With so many people with so many different ideologies, it currently seems impossible to me. I know I sound cynical, but I am getting that way as I keep reading the news clippings and seeing the TV reports every day.

  4. It is too tragic, sometimes so much so, I don't know what to do with it all. That for me, someone who has lost no-one in these conflicts, finds hard to even begin to imagine the suffering of the families who lost loved ones.


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