A Modern Day Gypsy

Last few weeks have been very hectic for me. Tough decisions are always tough to take. It was not at all easy to decide to leave Dubai and go. The stay in Dubai was short but sweet. We had some of the best moments in our life while living in Dubai. But as it turns out I am only a modern day Nomad ……. a gypsy of the 21st century. I have tried putting up a home in so many times in so many cities in the past decade but could never stay long enough to grow my roots and that is the reason why I am able to relocate myself to a new place with relative ease. As they say that a rolling stone gather no moss… I am on the roll once again! I do not have any regrets in leaving that place, but I am a bit sad that I had to leave in such a short notice.
The boom of the past few years had attracted people from all walks of life and from around the world. There had been a mad rush in the past years to reach there to make a living and build the city. When I landed there, it was as if a grand party was in progress. The place was humming with all kind of activities. The streets packed with cars, the malls with shoppers and the restaurants with tourists. The city which glitters like a diamond every night is full of friendly people a bit preoccupied and busy with their own life though. But as it turned out, we were a bit late in reaching there. When we moved here from Kuwait, someone told me that the party was already over and the closing ceremony was in progress, and it turned out to be very true. But I believe that this is only a temporary phase for Dubai and it will soon get back to its former self and a new set of people will rush back to this city which never stops changing its skyline.
When I was offered this option of getting transferred to Doha, Qatar by our company, I took the hard decision to leave and move for the moment. The other option was to hold on to the fort and travel up and down to Abu Dhabi everyday and that was even more difficult for my set of priorities! So I had to come to this new country, new city and start fresh once again!
I have heard a lot about this place and everyone has their own opinion and view point. When I posted that “I am liking this place” in my FB, I received a barrage of reaction from my friends… so today being the day off, I took a “get to know the city” drive in the afternoon and clicked a few snaps. I am glad to see the West Bay skyline and the way it is developing further. I can now rest assured that I have arrived to witness another megacity in the making.


  1. What a place it seems...the photographs are great. I hope it turns out to be everything you want and at least a little of what you expect. The very best of luck in your new home. x

  2. Seems like the Gulf states are doing well!

  3. Ah, I can relate to the sentiment here; I feel as a nomad too and have felt so through out my life.;)
    I love the pictures here, the city seems so very futuristic.
    Good luck in your new ventures.;)

  4. ohh you shifted!!! Its a very strange feeling you know, in the blogs ville we seem to know each other so well, all of us are almost good friends and then such a thing happens and we take a moment to gather our wits. The snaps look good. Hope you have a great stay in Doha. All the very best to you and your family for a great stay in the new country

  5. When I moved to Qatar I didnt like the country one bit.And then slowly it just grew into me.

    And now I'm much in love with the city.I still have my preferences well in place for Oman though.Oman ki baat hi kuch aur hai :D
    But this city too has its own way of making you feel welcome.

    So welcome to Qatar,SDR. I'm sure you and your family will have an enjoyable and a memorable stint here.All the very best to you :)

  6. Wish you a great beginning in this place..i must say the pictures look very good.I hope your little MASTER GOGO too likes the place with same motto....AAYE HUN TO KUTCH LEKE ZAOUNGI.

  7. Amazing. I have lived here all my life. I have deep, deep roots. I have traveled a good bit, both for business and pleasure, but "home" has always been here. I can see advantages to both: the "settled" and the "nomadic!" Thanks for letting me live a little nomadically vicariously through your blog! C

  8. Having lived in Oman, I have a fondness for the Gulf countries. I hope you have a rocking time in your new home. As far as being a nomad, jahan pe sawera ho basere wahi hain.


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