The Hope Of Winning

When I look up for the definition of the word HOPE, the dictionary lets me know that it is: longing; dream.
This definition perhaps couldn’t do enough justice to the feeling generally associated with this word. So I looked up for the words synonymous to this. And this is how it goes.....    
“Utopia, achievement, ambition, anticipation, aspiration, assumption, belief, bright side, buoyancy, castles in air, concern, confidence, daydream, dependence, desire, endurance, expectancy, expectation, faith, fancy, fool's paradise, hopefulness, light at end of tunnel, optimism, pipe dream, prospect, reliance, reverie, reward, rosiness, wish”
I am writing about a particular instance of this feeling: The Hope Of Winning.
For the past many years I have filled up hundreds and thousands of raffle coupons in countless marts and mall outlets. 
My routine has always been this: collect the coupons; fill in the details; drop them in the box and preserve the counterparts; wait for the draw; check the winning numbers and then discard those with a heavy heart. Till date this routine has remained consistently the same. But this has not deterred me from filling up another coupon the very next day.
And I know that I am not alone in this Game. We all HOPE to Win tomorrow. This hope is not limited to filling in raffles tickets but it applies to every aspect of life! That's how we keep walking...... 


  1. Dear friend, so happy to see you back posting.;)
    Yes, I agree, we all keep hoping! I can attest to that more than anyone. I have been having hopes for so many things in my life. I guess I am directly not a gambler, and winning money has not been so much in my wishes, as much as finding love and happiness.
    I guess not giving up on our dreams is truly what drives us forward.;)
    Love all the words of definition, they truly apply to me.;)


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