Safety Factor

Did you ever wonder what is the price we pay for safety. Safety should unarguably top the list of priorities of every individual. But today I would like to draw the attention to another aspect of safety. This one does not relate to life safety but relates to mental peace than anything else.
Many a times we have to go out of the office for a meeting or a conference. It the meeting starts at 10 o’clock, we want to be safe and reach the venue 15 minutes. Though we know that the normal travel time to that place is 15 minutes, we usually leave with 20 minutes in hand. Again the logic is the same, we do not want to reach late and get embarrassed. Now if it happens to be a carpool we can easily add another 10 to 15 minutes.
We spend those extra minutes to buy mental peace, so that we do not rush, so that we are safe. But do we keep track of all those time of our life, that we earmark as safety factor, never to be spent productively!


  1. Yes, I too hate to come late and I seem not be able to do that actually, despite my best efforts.;) Even going to parties I have been circling the neighborhood, killing time to at least not come too early.;)
    My sister however is late for everything and her theory is exactly: why waste precious minutes of my life on waiting.;)

  2. I agree with you. You are very much right.


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