Human Touch

Earlier this year I received a letter from my Insurance company wishing me on the birthday. This was a great gesture and there can be no debate about that.
They had their reasons to be happy as one more year have passed without them having to part with the money that I rightfully think is mine. After all I am the pessimist here and they the optimists.
I opened the envelope and read through the contents inside. The first thought that crossed my mind was it would have been nicer had they have used my name instead of "Customer". However I was pleased that they just did not refer to me by a number .... well the policy number.
It was only later that I realized that there was a separate wish for each policy. At that point there was little doubt I was in the good hands of machines. Machines operated by more machines.

For my next birthday, I wished there will be a little more Human Touch in this world!


  1. At least your insurance company wishes you on your birthday, That is a nice gesture in itself :)

  2. I get the same at work in our aniversary. The CEO sends a card, but it is typed and my name is handwritten and his signature is a stamp

  3. BTW, this word verification to submit a comment is very difficult.


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