Nothing is Permanent

Few of my roller ball head pens ran out of ink last week. As I tossed those into the bin, I paused to reflect on the past years. So much had changed over the past 4 decades that our entire lifestyle went for an overhaul.
During our school days nothing was disposable, not even a syringe or the needle. Everything was meant to last a life time. We used to get refills for our ball pens when we got promoted from pencil to pen. As a matter of fact we were advised to use an ink pen rather than a ball point pen as it threatened to spoil our handwriting. Today we neither see a refill nor an inkpot! You either throw away the pen or change a cartridge......
Often we used to visit the stationery shop to buy one pencil while an eraser used to last for years and a pencil sharpener used to be a lifetime’s asset. But today I wonder if anyone sold or more importantly buy a single pencil. People buy erasers in dozens and box full of sharpeners.
But those concerns our children and they do not develop such attachment as we did. So they don’t mind dumping their year old belongings into the bin.

I realized I have serious complains about my other stuffs as well. I honestly do not know what to do with all these!
My first SLR camera can no longer be used as it is analogue and fully manual!
My fully automatic Pentax camera with 200m zoom lens cannot be used either. Not only because films rolls and developing studios are scarce but also because digital cameras are a better option.
But the irony is that my Sony digital camera that I bought in 2006 can no longer be used as Sony decided not to produce its battery any more.
My net book’s battery life is over and cost of a new battery is more than 60% cost of a new one with latest specification.
Now that iphone 5 is on the market, what will happen to my iphone 4?
Too many questions with a One answer..... Nothing is permanent in Life!


  1. I still use an ink-pot, though my kids prefer cartridges. I haven't replaced my phone from the time I owned a mobile, hubby has similar issues as you with his SLR camera. But yes, definitely our kids belong to the 'use and throw' times, not only in material things, but also in relationships.. nothing is permanent.

  2. Good to know that you still use a ink-pot...

    Its becoming increasingly difficult for the kids to value their possession!

  3. where do we dispose of all that garbage we make? I have an issue with printers. It's easier to buy a new one than to buy ink. And even the air refresheners that are plugged in change constantly so my investment was a waste.


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