Life and Death in this world

Life, death and life after death has always been the turf of philosophers, thinkers and the religious gurus. They have always thought and put forward their theories of beginning of life in this planet. The scientist on the other hand has been been snooping into the outer space and digging out fossils to find some clues about the advent of life in our earth. Life and death are part of every day occurrences in our  life and therefore, we the lesser mortals, have not been totally immune from developing our own theories and ever ready to discuss with anyone who is willing lend their ears. The debate shall continue to rage if there was a creator for all the earthly life forms as per the watchmaker analogy or we developed ourselves as per Charles Darwin's theory.

But once in a while we come to know about some incidents that unsettles all our logical ideas. There are two news of accidental deaths that caught my attention and would like to share.
Are these purely coincidences, occurred just by chance or there is a conductor who is orchestrating everything that goes on in this world. This leaves a question in our mind and no practical way to search for an answer.....


  1. I am left without coherent words to leave a comment that would make any sense. Beyond coincidence.


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