Zooming In Disorder

One day, a few years back  I had an strange urge to pinch on a photograph  on a construction magazine while reading an article. I wanted to expand a picture to find out more about a detail and almost did it. It would have been perfectly normal if I was reading the same article in the iPad, but unfortunately it a conventional paper version of the weekly magazine.
Yesterday we wanted to read the details of an address written in in very small fonts on a bottle wrapper and this time we wished we could pinch to clarity.
Pinch here describes a gesture used with two fingers used on a touch screen interface to zoom in and out. We pinch inwards to zoom in on a picture and outwards to zoom out of a picture or object.
As the line between our digital and non-digital life gets blurred, can this be then considered to be a "zooming in" disorder! I am quite confident that with the dominance of touch screen steadily increasing in our lives, others are suffering from this disorder too.

This post from 2014 has been edited and re-posted as it relevance has increased exponentially. 


  1. "Zooming in disorder" Hope Oxford Dictionary takes note and gives due to credit to you.

  2. Maybe one day we can even go back to talking to people. Imagine that!
    Interesting that today I logged in my blog and was going to delete the blogs that are not being updated anymore and then, yours was.


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