Life is short and everyone should live life to the fullest. I am writing this because I had a sad awakening last month when I lost two of my close childhood friends. They were my buddies and left us forever. One of them passed away in his sleep while the other while awake and both because of cardiac problem. They were they were not particularly young but they weren't old either. They were in their mid forties and in word from Arundhati Roy, "Not old. Not young. But a viable die-able age."

Our average life expectancy is increasing and long life is not uncommon these days. But Life is uncertain and one has to be lucky to be alive in good health with friends and family around. It’s true that in the present times there are large number of people taken away from the world everyday by means of war, terrorism, poverty and natural calamities. The latest reminder of uncertainty was when 9000 people perished during the devastating Nepal earthquake. But sometimes passing away of a single person gives even more grief and paralyses our logical and creative mind alike.

Our Earth is a little over 4.5 billion years old and it would hardly make any difference if a man were to live till the age of 85 or dies at 45. The cruel reality is that we human and other earthly beings are mere mortals. However, it makes a world of difference to the people who loves you and depends on you emotionally or economically. It is therefore important to be by their side as long as possible and leave behind some wealth for them to carry on.

Here are a few advices I am taking on board for the rest of my journey called life:
  • Strive to have a strong and healthy body rather than a strong ego.
  • Go for regular medical exam even when not sick.
  • Drink more water even if not thirsty.
  • Let go even if faced with grave problems.
  • Give in when required, even if I am in the right.
  • Be humble even when I have the power on my side.
  • Stay contented even if not rich.
  • Exercise everyday and even when I am busy.

Come along friends, lets do it together......


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