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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

I heard enough about the terrible Life of a poet not to venture into that foray. They are challenged with finding an audience and start losing friends as soon as they start reciting for them. The richer of the tribes throw parties with the hope of gaining a platform to showcase the talent but free food and drinks goes only so far. The artist feels helpless, while others see you as a menace... a threat to the society.

I was not aware that similar fate is destined for bloggers till I had one of my own. When I discovered the world of blogging, I said "now I have a place to showcase my creativity.”  I set one up and started filling in the pages but the eyeballs to appreciate those were missing. The Blogging portals brought a glimmer of hope to the budding writers as they developed a community with like minded people. The trouble is that a selected few are interested in other’s writing. The community operate on a plain and simple philosophy, which is "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”.

I thought why can’t this world have those kind hearted benevolent folks of  Facebook who will “like” anything and everything that is posted as long as it do not exceed a few lines. I start to participate in all competitions pinning my hope not so much on winning but on the guarantee that at least the judges will take the pain to read my posts. For me that was one confirmed reader and it turned into a routine … all in a day’s work. It perfectly matched Hero Honda bike’s punch line… fill it, shut it and forget it!

Last Thursday I received an email announcing I have won a contest. Firstly it was a state of disbelief and as I was not expecting a result. Adrenal was not running high in my veins nor was I prepared to do palms on the cheek winner act the way the beauty pageants are trained to do.

I went back to the website, verified, confirmed and reconfirmed. Did the “pinch on arm” test to check I was actually awake and uttered.... "OMG, it’s true. I informed my family and went on to ask my daughter, a second grader... "Are you proud of your dad?" She said “yes I am” though I was pretty sure she did not understand much. Once the excitement sank in, I said “this is a watershed moment in my blogging career. This is now going to fly.” While the future reality remains to be seen, this is definitely is an inspiring career high point.

Through this post I convey my thanks and gratitude to the organizers and the judges.

The competition was organized by Blogadda and could be found at and my winning contribution can be read at


  1. Congratulations on the win!! Heres wishing you much more success in the blogging world!!


  2. Thanks magiceye. These keeps one going

  3. Wow! congratulations! it's not an easy feat to win a contest.

    It was a wonderful read :)


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