Tripura & India's Olympic dream

Gymnast Dipa Karmakar qualifies for the finals in the Olympics 2016. She has made us proud and the whole country is looking at her with hope for a medal. She is without doubt the most famous person of the small hilly Indian northeastern state called Tripura.
Here I share a few fabulous landmarks from this state which I happened to have visited during July 2016.
The ujjayanta palace, the erstwhile home of the royals and currently a museum
The South-side gate of the palace
On the way to the Neer Mahal or the water palace
The Rudra Sagar, which houses the water Neer Mahal
Ma Tripureswari one of the Hindu Mythological Pith (holy places)
Bhueswari Temple, the original home of Ma. The story of this temple is immortalized in one of Tagore's stories. The story narrates how human sacrifice was abolished by the compassion of little children. you can find more about it in one of my earlier posts here Maa-tripureswari


  1. We are so proud of Dipa. She is also brave to try a very difficult move, which many top gymnasts wouldn't try for it requires so much skill and courage.

  2. That is so true. Very few gymnast will try the difficult and dangerous Produnova.
    Thanks for stopping by


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