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We may be young as a nation as we celebrate our 70th year of independence from the imperial powers. However, this doesn’t make us a new country, one the contrary we have existed for centuries and history bears testimony to the great kings, enlightened sages and people with heart of gold. Unfortunately many among us have started to erode the core values that we practiced and treasured generation after generation.
We belong to the land where the code of conduct for the society was governed by compassion even for strangers. We said “Atithi Devo Bhava or Atithidevo Bhava”. This is a verse in Sanskrit taken from an ancient Hindu scripture (अतिथिदेवो भव), which in English translates into  “the guest being equivalent to God”.  
Today as we stand saluting our national flag, it quite apparent that noble codes of conduct of our forefather have lost in the pages of history. People have lost humanity. Every other day we learn some gore acts carried out by a common person that makes deeds by hardened criminals look like a child's play. The following 3 incidents gives an idea about the severity of the situation that Indian society faces today.
Fallen Mother
We heard about the infamous murder case of Sheena Bora by her mother Indrani Mukherjea. Sheena Bora murder case. This incident caught the entire country in utter shock as they tried to comprehend under what circumstances would a mother take the life of her own child. The child was so unfortunate that the mother could also convince other associates to help her in such a heartless act.
Citizens without Compassion
The former could be treated as a case of a heartless woman blinded by own greed, jealousy or anger. But during the first week in August '2016, our nation watched with disbelief how a poor man hit by a tempo succumbed to his injuries on the road of the capital without any help. It was not a desolate place but a busy thoroughfare and hundreds of Indians passed on foot or in their cars without casting a second glance.No one stopped to help the dying man. The only person who cared to stop did so to steal the victim's mobile phone. Heartless People
Disgraced Doctors
We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw what a daughter and grandsons were doing to this 82 years old old doctor being treated for heart ailment in a hospital in Chennai. What is more shocking is the fact that trio attempting to kill the former doctor who is their own blood relation were themselves qualified doctors. Doctors turns life takers. The hospital CCTV camera has recorded, Dr M Jayasudha, entering the room with her two sons and asking the nurses to leave them alone under some pretext. Next they produced some documents believed to be property related and force her father to sign and then forcibly obtains his thumb impression. She then unscrews the drip and tucks the disconnected line under her father's bed and leaves him bleeding.
Had it been earlier in my younger days, I would have gone gaga with a futuristic vision of our country with robots walking the street while automobiles fly past. This will pretty much happen with the technology changing by leaps and bounds. We have already seeing the early signs of such a futuristic environment with driver-less cars, humanoids, digital pets and the likes. It might also be possible to have regular visits from other habitable planets of this universe by that time.
Indifferent of what happens to our built environment in 2050, I want humanity to make a comeback in my country. We do not want to witness a single incident like such that make us shudder in pain and shame. Neither should we be sitting quiet while the fools mocks us and all that we stand for. Experience have taught that change for good doesn't happen automatically. On the contrary it demands rigorous efforts by many and lead by visionaries backed with clear road maps. This space is probably not enough for such elaboration. Therefore I would illustrate my vision 2050 through the cover image and the following bullet points which are as a matter of fact the pillars that bears the vision:
  • Human Development: Improve education; arts & science; culture & heritage
  • Social Development: Address family cohesion; freedom of religion; freedom of media
  • Government: Provide good governance inspired by the time tested scriptures & philosophy
  • Economic Development: Address poverty and distribution of wealth
  • Environmental Development: Control natural habitats & pollution; sustainable developments
It’s going to be difficult path ahead but with strong will power and collaborative effort of all Indians, I am confident we shall reach there by 2050. Finally I shall borrow the words of a great Bengali poet Satyendranath Dutta and weave my dream. Lets all of us faith in our ability to succeed and sing in a chorus of billion voices that Bharat will rise once again to the pinnacle and hold the highest position at the world stage.

'Bolo bolo bolo sobe soto bina benu robe bharat abar jagat o sobhaye sreshtha asana lobe, dharme mahan hobe karme mahan hobe, nobodinomoni udibe abar puratono e purobe '
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