30 Ways to Be Happy

Happiness in its absolute term is achieved when the needs of life is fulfilled. It is the feeling of contentment that life is ‘just’ as it should be. The trouble though is with the definition of this term ‘JUST’. Unfortunately by no means it has a constant meaning. It not only varies between people, it also changes for any individual depending on the circumstances at any given time.

What makes life just for me could be ‘not enough’ for you or the vice versa leading to the conclusion that happiness is a state of mind and also a personal choice.

Trying to put together this list of things that make me smile made me realize that I have many joyous moments in my daily life. I am therefore, a much happier person today than I thought I was.

Following is the list in no particular order:
1. A hug from my child.
2. When I could bring a smile to a person I love, it makes me happy inside out.
3. Doing something for others.
4. Driving for ice creams with daughter after dinner. 
5. The thrill of personal achievement whenever it happens and it could be as simple of being able. to renew a professional membership through continuing education.
6. Remembering the name of something/someone I had forgotten, as it happens quite frequently now a days with the passage of time.
7. I am happy to listen to the ‘pop’ when I open a can of beer or soda.
8. Listening to the rainfall with thunderstorms when I am indoors.
9. Enjoying either Freshly brewed tea/coffee with Indian snacks.
10. Or with the smell of a fine wine.
11. It makes me happy when I am on a drive and all of sudden the rain starts lashing on the windscreen. 
12. And it doubles when a favorite song comes on the radio while the drive.
13. And triples if I could spot Rainbows.
14. It gives me immense happiness after Meditation even if I am successful at that for a couple of minutes.
15. I love having time to myself.
16. Doing exercise and cheating myself with shortcuts.
17. Laughing with siblings, family and old friends at silly things so hard that it hurts.
18. Receiving a letter or call from an old friend.
19. Dancing when nobody's watching.
20. Singing in the shower or when nobody’s listening.
21. Finding money in unexpected places even though it does not happen too often. 
22. Getting new stationery and the smell of new books/magazines.
23. Listening to TED talks, particularly the inspiring ones.
24. And off course eating Biriyani or Macher Jhol or Payesh or other Bengali sweets.
25. Listening to the National Anthem Playing makes me happy as well as proud.
26. I love to watch my collections of stamps and dream of filling the gaps in the collection.
27. Watching an action packed match of cricket or football give me happiness.
28. I am a novice at sketching with strong desire in my heart to master it one day. I get pleasure trying to draw random faces from the media and when someone appreciates those I feel very happy. 
29. Like any other person, I too find happiness in finding a bargain in the sales.
30. Finally I love the feeling of chocolate melting in my mouth and often go ahead and double the happiness.

More often than not we miss out to celebrate our happier moments disillusioned by not knowing what we really want. When the realization dawns on us it is usually too late and we end up saying “we were so happy then or there!
Let’s take an oath to celebrate every happy moment now on and broadcast it to the world with a broad smile on our face.

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  1. Nice read. Great to learn about your mantra for happiness. Yes, satisfaction is the key to happiness but we cannot not find the key always.

    1. I am glad you visited the blog. I have realized that once you look inside and find out what makes you happy or what doesn't make you sad.... you will reckon that you are a lot more happier person than you otherwise thought!

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks Daisy for your kind observation. Hope to see you back


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