How Many Words Is a Video Worth!

Video blogging or Vlogging is a new trend and quite rightly everyone is joining the band wagon. I am in no mood to delve into argument if video will one day force written journalism to extinction. Today, I would rather contemplate how much worth would a video be if a picture is worth a thousand words. I would imagine it would be a few millions at the least!
A picture leaves a lot for the viewer to analyze and infer but a personal video usually drives the message straight home. For a fashion blogger, a Vlog would also demonstrate how one could carry the designed dress. That's quite a few steps ahead of just a pretty photograph.
I am neither a popular blogger nor do I have a successful Vlog. But that doesn’t deter me from contributing my 2 cents about excelling in Video blogging.
So this is top list of important (in no particular order) to do aspects for good video blog:

1. Contents - preferably should be scripted and practiced well in advance before delivering. Unless it's an impromptu event.
2. Videography - camera should be in the hands of another person. Alternatively one should use  a selfie stick or a tripod. Facing the camera at the correct angle is desirable.
3. Post Production - The raw video should not be uploaded in any case. Editing to remove noise and blanks are crucial. Another vital advantage of editing are the credits and notes. Remember words will add another 1000.
4. YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion are probably the most popular hosting sites.

My tween-aged daughter has her YouTube Channel. I try to help her with that with setting up the camera and post production. You can check that out here. She loves to unbox various stuff and also introduce places. The one below though is a song she sang.


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