A Message From A Setting Sun

It would be nice to be at a sunset point while the day ends but beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. We do not always have to look high and low to find something beautiful, we just need to look around.

This is exactly what happened to me this week as I was driving home from work, thinking about the Durga Pujo in the land of six seasons. All of a sudden it appeared as if the day was opening like an egg and the yolk melting all around me. 

I moved beyond the hard shoulder of the road to stop the car. Then took a deep breath, rolled down the window and armed myself with the phone camera. It’s almost impossible not to dream watching such scene.

How many of us could end a routine activity with so much love and intensity knowing with certainty that the entire drill has to be repeated the next day and the next….

No accomplishment is not worth celebrating!!!


  1. This is a beautiful shot. Like your analogy day was breaking like an egg with yolk melting all around. Truly a new day is being born.


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