Forgive but Please Forget

Our time is limited and is not worth wasting it living a life filled with hate for others, is something that I remind myself once in a while. The above principle, if one wishes, could be the pathfinder for living a life free from hatred.
Is it easy? Most certainly not!

Interestingly! Once we acknowledge the truth in the saying “to err is human”, we will be in a much better position while navigating through the maze of daily challenges.
It’s never too late to start owning up one’s mistake and seek forgiveness knowing that this is not a characteristic of a weak person and on the contrary it’s the trait of a Brave-heart. Maybe apologizing will be a good start.
The difficulty however arises when we are confronted with a situation where others hurt us or try to harm us.  Surprisingly, the answer to this is quite simple.
Forgive and Forget.
Is it easy? Most certainly not, but I do believe that practice makes a person perfect over a time.
Yes! It’s important to forget in order to keep our nasty EGO at bay and ensure it will not raise its dirty head in self-glorification.
I keep no account when, whom or if I had forgiven anyone and therefore I do not have a story to narrate. You may ask if I am I a saint. I am not a saint and as a matter of fact not insane either! I practice this during my day to day existence wherever I am.
The most common place for irritating others or getting irate with others is the roads. It’s not only me if I am to trust a report in Psychology Today from 2016. A survey found out that 78 percent of participating drivers engaged in at least one kind of aggressive driving behavior in the previous year…..and that lead to substantial loss of property. The findings could be found here.

I am happy that I have succeeded in liberating myself from reacting to external stimuli.

People everywhere travel carrying along their baggage of frustration, hate and what not, which in my understanding is nothing but pure garbage. Navigating unscathed from such garbage thrown out by other people is the art of living. The realization that we can’t control someone else’s actions, while being in full control of ours is the key takeaway of this art. When someone acts oddly, I remind myself that the person is just bad at handling stress.

When the situation becomes a bit unbearable, I there is one rule to follow:  save it for later. There will always be someone with whom we can talk to later on to vent out our frustration about the situation. 
It’s even better if we are able to talk to our inner self to calm our mind and by doing that we will no longer require an external element to find our own peace.
We are then able to celebrate our liberation every moment of our existence.

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  1. You said it so beautifully that you had liberated yourself. Yes saying sorry is difficult and takes courage. Saying sorry is not a weakness.

  2. Many thanks for stopping by and leaving those kind words. Its even harder to say "Sorry" and at the same time mean it.


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