The magical Kalba

There is something quite unique about a bridge not far away from Dubai. It is a narrow bridge which only allows only oneway traffic. You have to wait for your turn to get into the bridge and can only do that once the car already on the bridge have crossed over and no one from the other side has started. This is the only link to the mainland and if something happens to that bridge you will be in limbo! There are no traffic light or traffic cop but people ensure that there is a smooth movement of traffic back and forth. Why can't we have this behavior within the city limits? Well that is a million dollar question. Within the city limits we are different people.. "bina juddhe nahi debo succhagro medini" (will not concede any land even equivalent to the tip of a needle without a fight). Once you cross over to the other side there is nothing ....... not a black hole though! But a vast deserted sand punctuated by the track marks of 4X4 vehicles and then converges into the pristine beach of the Indian Ocean. On this side of the bridge, there are the mountains, sea and mangroves and lots of manicured parks.

The boys always leave their mark

We dared to let our tyres bathe in the Indian Ocean

The magical moment

The Setting sun

We did not plan for this visit. Set off based on a news feature, impressed by the photographs, rather seduced by the images posted along. The place I am talking about is known as Kalba. I had seen the road sign for kalba on the emirates road and thought it would be a place just around the next corner. It is in United Arab Emirates and falls within the boundary of the emirate of Sharjah. The southern most tip of the UAE's Indian Ocean coastline ends in an extensive dark green belt of almost impenetrable mangrove marsh. The backdrop of the green is formed by brown rocky mountains. The beauty of Khor Kalba is further enhanced by the sparkling blue water of the ocean and this is unquestionably a magical place, a place of exquisite beauty. I would say this is one of the most picturesque places in this country. A place where nature has placed greenery, sea and mountains next to one another and a place not spoiled by we humans. Not yet!

The Joggers park

The Sun has gone down and the lights have come up. Its time to start the return journey.

It is about 2 and 1/2 hours drive from Dubai Airport. We intend to visit the place once again and this time we plan to stay overnight. Its a promise.....


  1. Wow great views. Dubai must be like heaven in Earth


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