Traffic Signal Photography

What do you do when you stop at the traffic light? One has to be very attentive in this part of the world. A delay of a split second to move at the light turning green could start a live orchestra with people trying their hands on the car horns. I have noticed some motorist, (actually more than some motorist) devoting this spare time of theirs in keeping their nose clean. In other words downloading stuff from inside their nose into their car with the help of the index fingers.
Some people like to spend this time by getting prepared for the meeting he is going to attend on his arrival or being creative by developing ideas or trying to solve mathematical mind benders or maybe analyzing the days activities at work, the usual what went wrong or what could be dealt in a better way..... while the car fm provide the background score.
Have you ever tried to try your hand at photography. These are some result of my humble attempt at what I call "Traffic signal photography".
Let me know what you all do at the traffic stops ......

The Rising Sun

A new day dawning

The setting Sun

A piece of Sky between the cars

Wanted to avoid those two cars but they just drove in

A few rain drops on the windsheild and the night sky beyond

All set to start pouring from the sky

This time I managed to get the mosque without the cars

Water logged Sharjah street

What a pair!

A nice Dubai Street

Going to work on a rainy day

Just before the hard rain


  1. Lovely photos...both of natural and man-made wonders...

    At traffic signals, I usually daydream or, if in a hurry, tap my foot and curse (I am usually in a bus or autorickshaw).

  2. Wonderful photographs. Especially 'A new day dawning' and the ones of rain drenched windscreens!
    I watch the antics of the traffic police. And observe the impatience & boredom of people all around me. And when my little one is with me, with non-stop chatter, there's no scope for anything but satiating her million curiosities & questions.

  3. Awesome pics. Good concept .doga.


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