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Time Freezes... The Sun is setting ... A plane about to land.. while a boat lazing around

They say Industrial revolution has brought in the concept of mass education where large number of pupils were taught in the classrooms as opposed to one is to one teacher student relationship. The result have been amazing and the world started to mass produce all the produce all categories of professionals. A large number of individuals who could do the same work with same level of expertise and one could replace the other so very easily. I think one of the few profession which was relatively untouched by this sweeping wave has been the photography. Primarily because of the high initial cost and operation expense.
Today we live in a world where everyone is a photographer and a digital camera is one of the most common possession of a person on the street. The first question you will face when some one spots a new camera is "how many mega pixels is your camera?" the notion is that the higher the value the superior the camera. He does not care to know about the lens and other good stuffs.

Birds.... remember the movie by that name!

I am not a professional photographer either, though deep inside I aspire to be one someday. Here is my quest for a picture postcard but failed single out any one in particular...

Everyday and the same magic is recreated but one can never get bored of it

Too lazy to get off the car

The Most expensive Hotel, Burj Al Arab as a backdrop

Madinat Jumeirah

Amphitheatre on occassion but a restaurant otherwise



  1. As in the previous post, here, too, you have found the beauty in the merging of the natural with the man-made. The photographs are stunning. And I especially liked the one of the sandals on the sand - it had a warmness and intimacy which evoked curiosity, like an unfinished story...

  2. Sucharita, thanks for your analysis. I am glad that you liked some of the pictures.I think every picture want to say something if one is willing to listen.

  3. those are some awesome shot....
    calmness of nature is so mystifying
    thoughts absorbed somewhere in those far etched plain....


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