A man's dream

Probably there are two types of man in this world. There are those ones who let out a sigh after reading an “Andy Capp” cartoon and the ones who does not. Every morning while reading this comic strip a smile lights up my face and I always end up dreaming for a few moments "what if" I was going to spend the rest of today like Andy. But never succeeded to cross the "what if" threshold. Even if I am at home, I would not be able to spend the entire day for instance in that sofa couch of Andy. What amazes me the most is the extent that a person imagination might reach to create and keep a character like "Any" and "Flo" alive and filling up the morning of millions like me with their sense of humor and a feeling of freshness.

In the early days of my blogging I had written about the "Stay At Home Dads" where we spoke about the lucky “stay home husbands”. The lot who doesn't really have to struggle for daily sustenance and on the contrary could spend their time playing golf and socializing. But leading a life like Andy must be a dream realized only by a fortunate few or maybe an unfortunate few!

There is a bit of history behind everything in this world. If you are interested in knowing little bit about this comic strip the wikipedia probably will be useful.


  1. I always had trouble reading cartoons, as when i read it siddharth wants to know and it becomes difficult to make hum understand. why cartoons are tough!!

  2. Bhai phota is a very special occasion for both brother and sister. Even I miss my brothers very much and it has been about 8 years that I have not given them phota.
    Very nice and interesting post. I love to read the cartoons but sometimes they are really tough to understand but always meaning lies behind it. Even I love to watch cartoon network in TV. Everyday when I read newspaper first thing I read about the cartoon which makes me smile.

  3. I love comics! I used to look forward to morning before school and read the morning newspaper an jump straight to the comics.
    They say that comedy is the core for the reality in society and reflects life, as it dares to do it with humour, yet with serious undertones.

  4. I love Andy Capp and poor, put upon, hard working Flo.

    There is an old cartoon strip by Bud Neil called Lobey Dosser; if ever anyone wanted to understand Scottish...particularly Glaswegian...humour, this is the cartoon to do it. I'll be posting some on my blog soon. :O)

  5. I love andy capp a lot. Its my dream to be like him definitely, what else is required but a comfy couch and lots of snacks and no responsibilities, and an understanding spouse, and kids who are independent...ah well!!

  6. Calvin and Hobbes and Tintin. They are my favourites.
    And during my childhood days, it was Aranyadev( Phantom) comics. I still look around for the old issues. Currently, my younger daughter is obsessed with Amar Chitra Kathas.
    About the stay at home dads, don't try it. Working in the office is easier and less stressful.

  7. Andy Capp cartoons seem funny. But they're not really, and I think that is the point.

  8. I was perusing your archives, and found this gem! I LOVE this post!!! Andy Capp was one of my father's favorites. Every Sunday morning I had to wait for him to finish the "funny papers" before I had my turn! Andy Capp, Beetle Baily, Peanuts, Lil Abner, Family Circus, B.C., etc. He enjoyed many of them and I learned to appreciate them also. It's just one of the many reasons why I miss him so much!


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