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Today as I was driving up to work, I had a thought which I would like to share with you all. It might sound a bit odd at the onset. Did you ever observe a strange resemblance the way we look at us and our cars!

As a new car is launched it becomes the most sought after object in the town. Everyone dreams for a few moments of togetherness. But only a lucky few succeed. The real character form within is often quite different from how it looks from the outside. We try to explain saying that looks can be deceptive!
The most striking fact is that the same car for which everyone vied for a few years back goes unnoticed in the crowd if it was not in the good hands. After the first owner has let it go after use and abuse, things has never been the same. It only exists as wreck of what it had been, a shadow of its former self.
But to retain honor and still held be held in high esteem after losing the youth, one has to be a Classic or a vintage model, well kept and well maintained and well cared for.
Don’t we treat ourselves and our fellow human in the same way?
So ……. the best way to remain respectful and honorable and withstand the test of time in this world is to thrive to be a classic!
That's a thought.. think about it!


  1. That's a very sweet thought!! Explained in a very nice way!!

  2. Great observation and the truth indeed.;) I fall right now in the "old" category, doing my best to become a classic.;)
    A wonderful read as always.;)

  3. superb thought, stand your ground, and stand also the test of time..only then can you be a classic, else just another old 'brick in the wall'

  4. My gran told me this growing up and I love how you have put it; she also said of appearances "good shoes, good coat, good pearls and regular bathing and never, ever forget your lipstick!". *L*

  5. Good observation and you have portrayed it very beautifully. I liked the car very much. Excellent post.

  6. What a sharp observation...a very unusual topic...your posts are always very unique and fresh.I like what Helen said...very true lol.

  7. what a classic observation!Very well written.

  8. Dear All,
    thanks for your thoughts! Let us all then end up being classics!
    How about that?


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