Our Crime Master Gogo

"Aaya hoon, kuch toh loot kar jaoonga" is a dialogue from the movie "Andaz Apna Apna" and no one can do better justice to this than my 15 months old. To put things in perspective, this is one movie I do not mind watching every time it shows up on TV because of the sense of humour and comic timing and to sum it up, I find it entertaining. The music too is entertaining with a comic as well as retro flavour. I do wonder if Amir Khan and Salman Khan are together in another movie. The villains here are portrayed as a bunch of comedians rather than the usual ruthless killers. One such character is "Crime master gogo" which is played by Shakti Kapoor. Every time he showed up, his opening dialogue was "Aaya hoon, kuch toh loot kar jaoonga. Khandaani chor hoon. Mogambo ka bhatija, Crime Master Gogo" (Since I have come here I am not going to return empty handed.)

My daughter follows the same principle and so at times we affectionately call her "crime master Gogo". While awake, she is the busiest person in the house, doing something very important on her own, which we wished so much that she didn't. If she is not doing anything in particular, she will be stalking the house, looking for something to put her hands on. Till a few months back we had our home neatly arranged with many a object carefully placed at different levels to deck up the image but not any more! with every inch she gained in height, we had to come up with new ideas to relocate stuff and had to keep doing the disappearing act till we ran out of ideas and started to pack them off to be unwrapped sometime in the future. But the great thing about her is that she is not deterred by disappointments and setbacks. She approaches targeting one particular object but if we manage to move it before she reaches, she will settle for whatever else is available and never return empty handed. If we lift her up instead of moving the object she will try and grab something that is available at the higher level. Now that she has mastered the art of climbing a chair, we have moved them away from the dining table and placed them against the wall. We had her dining chair against the wall as well and I had to put her up there one day as she cannot get out of that by herself, so that she remains convict for some time while we ran some errands. But to my astonishment she was standing on the chair and fiddling with the door security phone very happy and very excited too. We let her play with the phone to her heart's content! Aaya hoon, kuch toh loot kar jaoonga..............
She has reinforced in me to thrive to make the best use of all available situation and not to give up.
Isn't this a wonderful philosophy!


  1. It is wonderful.. We have gone thru the same phase. and i tell you those were wonderful days.. now when i look at Siddharth i really wish those days to come back..

    Enjoy it to the full!!

  2. Crime master Gogo...same scene is being played at my house again and again.Next stage is Mogambo khush huva,trust me!!!She looks adorable ,and they do grow pretty fast.

  3. hahahah thats wonderful! I remeber how important a task it was to make my entire house child proof when my kids were at that age. I used to panic and my in laws used to scold me saying if they dont break who will? that was an eye opener for me.. way to go gogo crime master

  4. Beautiful post! She reminds me of my niece, she was also as a baby (toddler) very resourceful and never gave up.;)
    Lovely picture, very cute girl.,)

  5. I do not what else your little Crime Master Gogo has stolen, but that cute photo of hers has stolen my heart.

  6. Oh what a little star! My little lass was just the same; she figured out how to reach a particular shelf by shimmying up the door frame at the age of 3. She just worked her legs up an inch at a time until she was 6 feet from the ground. I was in awe. So, even without climbing implements, she'll find a way, I can just tell. :O)

  7. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

  8. how sweet!I was smiling through the entire post of yours,Suman.Your daughter is a cutie pie.All her histrionics seem so similar to me.Namnam was a lot like her and she still is.

    "with every inch she gained in height, we had to come up with new ideas to relocate stuff" and now it has come to a point where we cant cheat her.she knows exactly where we have hidden things..she will drag a chair to that place and take it out and flaunt it to us as though she did a commendable job!

    You've much to look forward to :D

  9. Children turn your life upside down. That's the number one lesson I've learnt from having children!


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