By Chance in The Incredible India

We visited Ranthambhore National Park on our trip to Jaipur during the Winter of 2011. We were lucky then to meet a tiger in the wild.

In the Summer of 2012 we went to Goa. On our way from the Airport to the city we stopped our car curious to find out why a crowd has gathered. What we discovered is by far a once in a life time experience. A snake have dropped down from the tree losing its balance after it started to swallow a full grown monkey. Some villagers gathered around it trying to tame it with a rope and stick, while the snake is busy gobbling up the remaining legs and tail of the monkey.

I wonder what lies ahead for our next visit to another city ........ we look forward to that in anticipation!


  1. It must have been truly incredible to witness, even though it comes across as a slightly appalling and unsettling experience.;)
    We never get to see anything like this in Europe, where the biggest snakes are only a meter long at the best and even though venomous, they will not eat anything larger than a mouse.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Gosh!!

    IS India calling soon? Happy Pujo :)

  3. Once in a life time? so my chances of missing this totally are very high. Good!

  4. wow million dollar photographs


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