Your fitness is costing us dearly

The 2022 FIFA fever is heating up in Qatar. More and more new and shiny cars are hitting the roads each day. I see hundreds of those around me while driving up to work but there are only a few that have more than one passenger inside. The streets are not being able to cope up with the influx. But streets are not the only impacted, so is the housing sector. You find an apartment to rent in the morning, it is almost certain that it will not be available if you comeback for it in the afternoon.  People who lived in Dubai in the first decade of this century may term this as the “Dubai Syndrome”.

I take the cornice street to go to work every morning except Saturdays. It’s not because there are less traffic on that street, but because all the intersections along this road are manned by traffic cops. It’s got a very a scenic view too as it has got some of the greatest skyscrapers on one side and Gulf sea with paved cornice on the other busy with morning joggers.

The road also have three “Pelican Crossing”, which we wish nobody would use. This is a type of crossing with a pair of standard traffic lights facing the oncoming traffic on both directions and can be controlled by push buttons on either side of the road. The pedestrian can push the buttons to stop the traffic. When there is one such light on a 2 X 3 lanes street the traffic has to stop long enough to allow a pedestrian cross 6 lanes and a divider.

Most of the days we drive uninterrupted but once in a while we are paused by the ones eager to keep themselves fit. The traffic builds up quite fast while the drivers inside has only one though in their mind .....”Dear, your fitness is costing us dearly”.


  1. As of now Oman is not developed enough, or conscious enough to have these pelican signals. As it is traffic snarls are increasing by the day here, and if we gave the nationals a few of these, I wonder what would happen :)

  2. when I run on the roads I never use the "stop traffic" button, I wait, and most runners in New York city do the same, for the light to turn green for us

  3. The story in India is just the same... especially in metros.

  4. I have to admit that it doesn't happen often .... but when it does, it is on that day when I am running late

  5. Did you get any "new shiny car"


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