RIP - All those Dead Plastics

Being a collector of stamps, calling cards and phone cards et al, I ended up collecting to a lot of plastics over the past years.The ones in the picture above have lived their natural life and are now sitting idle waiting for a new lease of life. But the question is What do I do with all these dead plastics?


  1. I too collected stamps as a child, also napkins and chewing gum wraps.;) I think i still have my collection somewhere in storage.;) But I never collected calling cards.;) Maybe you can turn your collection into an collage or an artwork of a kind? I was in Sweden recently and there was a huge sculpture made out of discarded plastic bottle crates.;) Anything can become art.;))
    Hope you have been well.;)

    1. that's a good idea to try an make it into an object of art... but not an easy one :)
      I still collect stamps actively but both stamps and calling cards are hard to come across these days.

  2. you used them and saved them or actively collected them? never heard of calling cards collection

  3. kothin shommoshya... ei gulo collect korte gele keno? environmental pollution er mamlaye phele debe to q2atar Government!!

  4. I used them and they got accumulated.. Never intended to collect these. Could not discard them for some strange attachment

    @sujata. Kya kaare control hi nahi hota!

  5. Only if you had a "trunk" you could store them there


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