Choosing The Right Product Is Synonymous To Caring

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Does your baby laugh while you massage the right legs and gets irritated if you do not start on the left soon enough. If not then definitely you are not using the right oil that makes the baby happy. After all laughing and crying are the only two expressions an infant has mastered and therefore with the slightest feeling of discomfort a cry emancipates.

But that is the baby, whose happiness and anxiety doesn't last for long. But when parents get worried about some ailment of their baby, the anxiety seems to last for days and nights at end.
Once upon a time when a baby was born in the family and the doctor said one of the legs was slightly not normal and could have trouble while walking. That statement of the doctor devastated the parents as well as the extended family. But the doctor added that some therapeutic treatments if started early will cure this before the time comes for walking. This was a bright ray of hope but ever body was over anxious to see that time arrive.

The only therapy that could be applied to a new born is oil massage. This is the time when the goodness in natural oils comes to our rescue and creates wonders in the development of the baby’s bone and muscle. Mother Nature’s garden is abundant with fruits, vegetables, roots and seeds that when harnessed and extracted to create oil could provide remedy to almost every ailment. All we need is to select the right kind of oil for our cure or the combination of a few. This is the time when products like Dabur Baby Massage Oil come to the rescue and the baby turns into an active child running around the house to the great relieve of the family.

Almond oil for example provides a natural remedy for dark spots by clearing away the dead skin cells, while avocado oil gives the much needed omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Argan oil on the other hand is packed essential fatty acids along with vitamin E, making it a great moisturiser. Our common coconut oil is packed with protein and has antibacterial properties along with other advantages. Bacteria do not stand a chance with the sesame oil. And the list goes on with the other great ingredients like Olive oil, Castor oil, Aloe vera, Arnica, Carrot Seeds, so on and so forth. Each one of these oils has their own good effect but care should be taken not to use nut extracted oils for one with nut allergy.

We tend to think that life was much better during the time of home remedies by our grandmother and great grandmothers. This knowledge and the know-how were available within the family and passed down from generations after generation. But with the pressure of urbanization and industrialization of our society this age-old technique of home remedy is facing extinction. We are instead left to the mercy of either local quacks or the unscrupulous manufacturer who deceive the vulnerable for their own profits.

But thank to people like Doctor Burman, we still get products that we can trust. After all we do not want to put our little angels in the harm’s way.


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