The Boardroom Gets A Freshness Makeover

A freshness wave moves through the corporate headquarters of a multinational organization and we watch how the scenario changes.

Scenario 1

There is a tensed moment in the board room as all the line managers and directors sit around the large table and wait for the big boss. The CEO has been out of the country on an extended medical emergency and in his absence the performance of his company has not been quite as expected. He has called for an urgent meeting to review the present situation. The laptop is connected to the projector with the power point presentations of each of the managers queued up while they nervously browse through hard copies of their report ... just one last glance before presenting.

The office orderly, veteran of many a crisis enters the room and announces... “he is in, the car is in its driveway”, without even opening his jaws.

A man in his mid fifties perfectly dressed in his imported shoes and designer's suit walks into the room.  “Good morning sir. Welcome back!” echoes inside the room. A chorus that usually happens when the class teacher enters the class room in a primary school.

The CEO curtly greets every one. (A visible sign of dissatisfaction)  
He starts with, "good to see you ladies and gentlemen. Today you have been called to this extra ordinary meeting to finalize a rescue plan for our company." (The thought that came to every mind in the room is how many scalps he is going to have today.)
"Extraordinary situations like this needs extra ordinary measures," he continued. The meeting went on for another 90 minutes and they dispersed with the commitment to meet again the very next day with some concrete recovery plans.

Scenario 1- Taazgi-ed 

The senior members of the organization have gathered in the recreation room of the office as they regularly do during the lunch break. Everyone has to get out of their desk and electronic gadget for these 45 minutes every day, which is a rule. The management philosophy is this was a shear necessity for the health of the organization. But the managers are visibly worried that the performance of the company has not been up to the mark since the CEO left on medical leave.

They have been informed that his recovery has been satisfactory and is back in town. One of the mangers was hard saying "I am sure he is going to pay us a surprise visit soon. He must be restless at home and waiting to jump into the action as soon as he can."

The CEO is a man in his mid fifties and has strong similarity with the Indian actor Bomi Irani. The similarity doesn't stop with his physical features but goes all that way till the sense of humour depicted in MBMBBS.

Just then the office attendant runs in and shouts, "The chief has arrived."
The CEO enters the hall in his semi formal attire. Everyone speaks out in chorus, "how are you chief. It’s great to have you back at the helm of affairs."
"I am fine and full of Taazgi just as it feels after having a great Colgate moment” he winks. But my baby (not babe) doesn't have that freshness these days. The performance has nose-dived. You guys haven’t taken good care of it."
The marketing manager protested in a mild tone, "we have done three very successful campaigns and ...."

His explanation is cut short by the chief as he continues "yes I understand, you guys have been doing a lot of hard work. But unfortunately it’s similar to sitting in a rocking chair. You had plenty of movement but didn't really go any place. You have been dancing in the same place." Then he makes a few repetitions of the steps below and the entire room bursts into laughter. They almost feel like joining in.

The discussion turns a bit more serious and they walk into the boardroom to draw up some recovery plans. But my favourite step of the situation brings freshness to the whole affairs and relaxes the mind to let the creative idea flow.

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