Say it with Honey!

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Temptation, thy name is food. This leaves us with the challenge to challenge our tongues with tough challenges. Nobody can undermine the power of the tongue as uttering the wrong word or eating the wrong food would invariably end up in social or physical hara-kiri. But the irony of the life of us lesser mortals is that whatever food that tastes good turns out to be not healthy. We are faced with a situation similar to that of the proverbial monkeys alibi a little difference....  see no food, hear no food and eat no food.
We are afraid to bet our paunch less bodies and dig into the delicious buffet spreads as we have many an example of those who did otherwise. Our outlook however changes with the advent of the first sign of tyre in the mid zone of our bodies, so to say our Madhya Pradesh. Initially we are high on the confidence level that we will get rid of the extras with some magic crash diets of protein or zero carbohydrate or by skipping of one meal every day.

But without the intended results nowhere in the horizon, we soon bite our tongue and the realization dons that it is rather easier though than done. It does more harm than good depriving our bodies of the vital nutrients in the process. Doctors believe that crash diets are based on false interpretation of theories and rapid weight loss can actually slow down the metabolism leading to weight gain in the near future. On one hand it has the potential to weaken our immune system exposing us to risks of variety of diseases and on the other hand makes us emotionally weak prone to depression, moodiness and irritability.

But why take it to that extent? The nature has given us a bounty to choose from and some of those have near magical power. We need to do is to develop our taste within and around those elements and maintain a healthy balanced diet. One such product that is easily available in all parts of the world is the honey.We have its references in our early scriptures while physical evidences of its use have been discovered in the ancient Egyptian tombs.

A table spoon of this golden liquid when built into our daily diet brings in culinary delights along with many a medicinal benefit. According to the National Honey Board of USA, a table spoon full of honey contains 64 calories and it is cholesterol-free, fat-free and sodium-free with no amino acids. This could be used in a variety of ways to bring taste, interest and diversity to our menus.

Bernard Shaw once said “there is no sincerer love than the love for food”.  It is almost certain that we would be tempted to indulge into other niceties. Our motto should be to “do it in moderation” and followed by adequate exercise over the next days.


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