Ana and Ron

Ana has grown up in the outskirts of mega city within a satellite family with no other siblings. Like most of the family living in the fringe of solvency, her father went out to work every morning while mother looked after the household. She, since early childhood got comfortable spending time alone talking and playing with her soft toys. The mice friends were the closest of all. Mickey and Mini even went to the bed with her when she was desperate for a hug. Destiny had dealt double blows on her and left her to grow up with a step mother and two of her step sisters.

Her husband left this world when her youth was still blooming and the step mother had spent most of her days alone struggling to get back the comfort if her childhood dreams. She whined as she took care of her two daughters, while desperately looking for a soul mate to share her responsibility. Ana’s father brought new joy in her life but her fate played another cruel joke. She was now left with three daughters to look after. Three stunningly pretty girls.

Ana despised doing the lion share of household chores but she felt her stepmother’s pain, which gave her the strength to carry on. Other than being a very pretty young woman, Ana was soft spoken, kind hearted and quite attached to her step mother. Her mother to her was not a cruel at the core but one who got weathered on the outside withstanding unrealized dreams.

Few weeks after they met, handsome, educated and successful professional, Ron came home to ask for Ana’s hand and invite her to his house. The stepmother, though slightly sad for her own daughters not being able to find suitors, was still visibly happy for her step daughter.

She said with all sincerity, “Ronbir, you and Anita will make a wonderful pair. I wish you a very happy life of togetherness.”  They went out and had some wonderful moments together. It was a scene that seemed to be plucked from the last page of any Disney princess story.

 As they had love’s first kiss, she did not feel electric current run through her body. She did not feel the urge to continue or do that again. She said, “Ron, though I love you for who you are, I do not think that I will be able to spend rest of my life as your wife.”

Living all these years cuddled up together without the scent of a man has had its toll on her senses. Her body probably developed a liking that is not normal till yesterday. But today the world has changed and the courts have ruled in.....that is not abnormal any-more.


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