An ordinary man's Sunday chronicles

Sunday they say, has been derived from the Egyptian astrology as the might of the Sun was honored by associating its name with the first day of a week. After its association with the resurrection of Christ, this day evolved as the day for rest, worship and socializing. 
It’s a fantastic idea to have rest on the first day of the week and then start work. Somewhere in the middle this idea went for a tailspin and Sunday ended up being the weekend. Luckily for us with more people, less work and even lesser natural resources, Saturday too joined as another day of rest... But who’s complaining!
Sunday, nevertheless has brought joy in my life since time immemorial. During my early days, I remember Sunday was fun as our parents did not have to go to work and we could spend time together.
Then came the school, teachers and homework. While I am yet to meet a student who doesn’t appreciate a Sunday, I was ready to trade in any thing for a extra Sunday. But not once, I was given that option. The principle of dealing with holiday then was basic but robust. Complete all school works as early as possible and unlock the pleasure time.
Then came the college days packaged with the hostel life and absolute self-dependence. The line between study and entertainment got increasingly blurred till it was totally invisible. That was not because study was entertaining but because with little or no supervision each day turned out to be a Sunday.
The reality check stepped in as we went out for professional training during our final year at the college. Working 8 hours for 5 days every week, we realized was not our cup of tea. We only could pull along since we knew those days were numbered and we had the weekends.
That stint in Delhi not only taught us how to talk Hindi but also introduced us to the real meaning of the phrase “Thank God It’s Friday”. The weekends were so amazing as compared to those work days that showed very little sign of ending made us wonder if all days counted up to 24 hours. The day to night and back to day day transition during the weekends were seamless and joyful until we  found ourselves on the verge of tears on the Sunday evenings.
The acceptance of this torture after graduation came after lot of resistance taking long breaks from work between changing jobs. Slowly responsibilities increased and men are expected to act responsibly without taking breaks from jobs every now and then. Rolling stone gathers no moss and collecting moss soon become a requirement. At some stage of our life, the living like a king has to end.
Now as I maneuver through the midlife crisis, I am faced with the dilemma of choosing the appropriate of the two contradicting approaches to deal with my much coveted weekly holidays. Should I sleep late and laze around all day doing nothing serious because it’s my time or opt for the option to wake up early to do everything I so desperately want to do during the weekdays.

Which one I have selected, you might curiously wonder.

Well I am fortunate to be blessed with a third alternative. I have the luxury to let my daughter and wife to decide what I should I do or where should I take them on that particular day or any other holiday for that matter.

I know I am not the only one. I am sure someday others will join us …… Happy Holiday Buddies.

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  1. Holidays seem more work than weekdays. Enjoy the National day holidays!


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